10 reasons you need your own website

Social media is great, but having your own website can be a home that you can really call your own.

Here are 10 reasons why a little website in the country would be a big step up for your biz…

  1. You are much more credible as a business. I must admit I lose a bit of trust in businesses without one.
  2. You can decorate it in your style from top to bottom. Nobody else’s logos or messages to clutter it up
  3. You have somewhere to send people to so they can learn about everything you do, no distractions
  4. On your website, you are queen. The only rules are your rules. And your account won’t be shut down for breaking a rule you didn’t know existed!
  5. Need your website to do something new? Just add it on
  6. Your visitors are people who are interested in you! You can track them, advertise to them, get them to sign up and buy.
  7. It’s not as noisy! No popularity contests on your own website. This is where you can serve your crowd with no interruptions.
  8. You can sell from your own site. No fees or upfront costs.
  9. You can stop using that old hotmail account with the weird name you set up years ago and get one that tells the world what you do
  10. Become more searchable. Use those key phrases your customer is looking for and make your piece of online real estate totally yours!

Ah home sweet home, Kat x



Kat Reynolds
Kat Reynolds


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