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… without the content churn, hustle culture or spending money on overpriced ads


Your focus is currently costing you money!

Join my challenge and let’s see how you can

  • quell your frantic social media posting,
  • smash through your apathy at the lack of interaction, engagement and in fact anyone actually seeing anything you post!
  • get more eyes on your content without having to bust a gut posting 10 times a day on every social media channel

…and instead pop your energy into a place with results, longevity and the creation of a money making machine.

It’s time your website started working for your business. Let’s whip it into shape!!!

Is your business doing a BIG FAT NOTHING?

 It might be that you have a beautiful website, but no-one knows it’s there?

This is what you need to know…

1. I know you may think that your marketing isn’t quite hitting the mark at the moment and you wonder where your website even sits in your marketing strategy.  A few small changes can pay dividends (literally)

2. Your website should be an effective part of your marketing. If it isn’t bringing in the customers it needs fixing.

3. Your relentless Social Media is exhausting you. Getting found on Google isn’t hard or a dark art and you don’t have to be part of a secret club to be good at it!

So, I’ve created this FREE 4 Day training to cut out all the confusion and mystery that puts so many business owners off learning ANYTHING about website marketing.

Trust me, 95% of website owners don’t know how to use their own profit machine. Learning how to fire yours up is going to put your business WAY in front of the competition.

At the End of these 4 Days you’ll …

  • Have your very own Profit Machine Plan tailored to your own business
  • You’ll know exactly where you are right now and where you are losing money
  • You’ll know what highly targeted content you need to create to fire up your profit machine without using facebook ads or posting 3 times a day on every social media platform.
  • By the end of the week you’ll have all the foundation pieces to launch your very own Profit Machine and the confidence to use it effectively to grow your business!


Katherine Reynolds Website Developer

We’ll be talking about…


What You and Your Business NEED

You’ll learn my step by step process for creating a profit machine for your business. You’ll take this overview and plan out your own kick-arse profit machine.


Digging the Dirt

You can’t move forwards if you don’t know where you are right now! We’ll dive into where the gaps are in your marketing machine and where you are currently losing money.


Mind the Gap!

I’ll reveal the secrets to making your profit machine irresistible to your ideal clients. By the end of day 3 you’ll have decided exactly who you are targeting, AND how you’ll CONNECT, NURTURE AND CONVERT them.


Take Action!

Today we shake up your Profit Machine and plug those holes that are LOSING you customers and sales so it can start to WORK for your business.

Plus loads of support in the Facebook group for those moments when you would normally be throwing your computer out of a window and a bunch of lovely people to bounce ideas off.

By the end of this challenge you’ll know EXACTLY what you need your Profit Machine to DO for your business and how you can use it to CONNECT, NURTURE and CONVERT your audience into sales.

You’ll FINALLY be in control of who sees your content and start to see your website become that money making machine it should be!

Why students are raving about the Challenge

Took in almost £3K in advance sales – so pretty chuffed!!!

More of that, please – thank you.😎

Sue Gregory

Gazette Magazines

Thanks so much for all of this content it has been wonderful.
I am a total dinosaur so has been a bit scary doing some of the stuff but have learnt loads and started to make some changes.
Claire Roberts

Claire Roberts Nutrition and Reflexology

Brilliant and really informative week – thank you so much!
Virginia Hills

Virginia Hills Nutrition

I’m loving all your useful tips this week, it’s giving me more confidence with my website and motivation/focus to keep up the work after this challenge 🙂

Thank you for bringing this challenge 😁

Karen Cheyne

Sparkling Moon

Ready to learn how I’ve helped 1000s of entrepreneurs build the business of their dreams? Come and take the challenge!