7 Secrets to Making Your Facebook Ads Stand Out

black sheepThe problem with the flooring in my living room is that it is brown.

I inherited a lovely laminate wood effect floor from the previous owner which is in an annoyingly good condition and doesn’t need throwing out and replacing. Darn it!

On one hand it’s great, I can’t see the crumbs, mud stains, juice spills and breakfast cereal my lovely kids enjoy decorating it with. But when I do manage to get around to cleaning it, it is almost impossible to see what I am trying to clean up. I can spend hours leaning in at odd angles to get a better view or look in a different light to see if I’ve missed a bit. I ALWAYS have and I nearly ALWAYS find out when I’ve put the hoover / cloth / polish away and it’s embedded itself in the sole of my foot.

Camouflage is great if you need it, not so fantastic if you want to stand out.

Yes there was a point to this cleaning story (and not just the random moaning of a mum whose trod on too many camouflaged Cheerios!)

With all the advertising we get hit with every day it is really easy to become the same shade of brown as your advertising competitors or the millions of other visual stimuli whizzing past our eyes every second.

A great way to stand out is to make sure that you use contrasting colours, both within your own adverts and within the space where you are displaying them.

Here are 7 great ideas for using colour to make your Facebook ads stand out:

  • Even when displayed in the newsfeed, FB ads are actually quite small so keep details down to a minimum
  • Pick no more than two contrasting colours (plus white) so your ad doesn’t look confusing when it is shrunk to the size of the sidebar. Check out this handy website for finding great colour contrasts www.colorsontheweb.com
  • Choose colours that contrast with Facebook’s blue and white colour scheme. If you blend in, you won’t stand out. A bright green, red or orange will get you noticed.
  • If you are using a photo, use one that has simple shapes and colours without a lot of detail. Faces always work well.
  • Use colours that appeal to your ideal customer. Have a look at other websites that your ideal customer shops in. What colours do they use in their advertising? They’ve done the research for you!
  • Try adding a coloured border around your ad for more punch. Although beware of the salesman’s red border as it looks a bit tacky.
  • A trick I often use is to look at my ad on screen and squint my eyes until the details blur. Take note of what is standing out on screen. What is your eye naturally drawn to. What colours are more noticeable?

And an eighth tip – test, test, test. Try out these design tricks and see which ones make your Facebook ads stand out best and what gets your ads the most clicks, likes or shares.

Have fun!



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