7 Social Media Plugins to Supercharge your Blog

Social media plugins for wordpressEver wish you could duplicate yourself to get more done?

I do. I’m a Mum, a wife and a business owner and it seems as if there is never enough time in the day.

My 6 year old daughter is better at working the tv box than I am. She confidently knows that she can record Peppa Pig, the horrible Barbie film and Finding Nemo at the same time as Daddy is watching the match. She taps a few buttons and it’s all done for her. Our tv box is now full to the brim of Peppa Pig but that is another story.

I am not so good with recording tv programmes but I am good at getting my blog to work harder for me using some easy to use plugins that do the work for me.

Here are my top 7 whizzy social media boosting plugins

1. Flare

This is a tremendous plugin for adding stand out share buttons on your blog posts. Search for the Filament plugin in your WordPress dashboard and install. Filament will then set you up with a Flare account and take you through the steps of installing it on your blog.

Visitors to your blog will be able to click the eye-catching icons to share, comment on or email your blog. And the easier it is to share, the more people will do it!

Share yourself
Sharing isn’t limited to visitors to your website. Press those share buttons yourself to post your blog to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Stumbleupon etc. It’s really quick and really easy.

2. Tweet old post

I love this plugin! Once you have a considerable number of posts you can use your blog to keep your Twitter account ticking over nicely. Set up the plugin to tweet your posts, plus #hashtags, comments, title or content every 4 hours. You’ll know that your Twitter feed will be constantly refreshed with great content. Perfect if your social network love lies elsewhere.

3. Inline Tweet Sharer

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]Can you resist clicking links within text? I can’t.[/inlinetweet]
This little plugin will let you highlight quotable snippets of your post with a sharing link. Click the link and the highlighted text appears in a Twitter share box together with your favourite #hashtags, comments, attributions and a link back to the source.

You can even integrate it with your bitly account to shorten the links and monitor how much traffic you are getting with your quotables.

4. WordPress SEO by Yoast

I know, this is an SEO plugin … but it has a little known facility that is really useful for improving the expanded information on every Tweet, Facebook post and Google+ post from your website. These are known as Twitter cards, Open graph data for Facebook and Google+

You can change this ordinary Tweet

No Twitter Card Tweet Example
To this far more detailed Tweet

Twitter card example

In fact, you can add video, apps, photos, galleries, products, lead generation and websites AS WELL as the original 140 word Tweet, Facebook or Google+ excerpt. Read more here

Install the plugin, Go to SEO – social, and change the settings to include your username and description layout. Press save and you might have to apply and validate your request using your social media account details. But now, your automatic social media posts will be boosted with your tag, longer description of the post and even your featured image.

5. PopupAlly

Your visitors have read and enjoyed your wonderful post and perhaps shared the content – what action do you want them to take. This easy to use plugin will help you craft simple sign up boxes to automatically appear below chosen posts and pages.

You can even add a popup box to activate when they move to navigate away from your website or timed to appear after a chosen time. But these are like Marmite, people either love or loathe these so do some testing!

6. Shareaholic

Not just a sharing plugin, but you can add a related posts section below pages and posts to keep visitors interested in and reading your website. The longer visitors spend on your website, the more likely they are to buy.

7. Pinterest Pin it Button

Visual content is growing more and more important these days. People are 60% more likely to share images than textual content so make your images count. This handy little plugin inserts a pin it button on your blog’s images making it easy to share to Pinterest with one click.

You spend so long crafting your blog posts and getting the content just right for your ideal customer that you don’t want to risk this valuable information getting lost or misrepresenting your brand. These plugins will help to boost your content and build your brand through social media.

What social media plugins do you rate for your blog?
photo credit: Jon Pinder



  1. roxy

    Thank you Kat! Super informative and off to get me some of these plugins! 🙂 ❤ x

  2. Emma

    Awesome tips Kat! I have been using SEO by Yoast for some time but never knew that, will have a proper look at it now as well as some of the others. Thanks again x

  3. Emma

    Awesome tips Kat! I have been using SEO by Yoast for some time but never knew that, will have a proper look at it now as well as some of the others. Thanks again x


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