The story of The Business Beautician

Why I love what I do


I’m Katherine Reynolds, The Business Beautician, mother of two children aged 9 and 6, wife, partner of my Osteopath husband, cat cuddler, artist, tech (and gaming) geek, really nice person and rebel life liver.

I’ve always been a bit of a square peg in a round hole. If I thought that something was wrong I would argue against it until it was fixed. If teachers didn’t follow their own rules I just wouldn’t accept it (not the best thing when only 9). If I didn’t understand the ‘why’ I wouldn’t and couldn’t do it. This used to drive my Science teacher mad – I just couldn’t take instructions for an experiment if I didn’t understand exactly the ‘why’ behind every little bit of it.

Then came the world of work, which was full of confusion with not enough ‘why’, until you dug a little deeper to find out that the ‘why’ was inevitably to do with relationships, greed, corporate constructs or one of the many ‘isms’. I fought it and railed against it for years. One of these ‘whys’, you would have thought, that underpin all these big businesses was surely the business itself. Surely the mission statements actually meant something. A little something?

I started out as a fresh faced graduate with the expectation of opportunity, creativity and exploration and what I got was a very narrow box with hardly any wriggle room to see the walls around me.

Until I had children.

Suddenly I was free from corporate constructs. I was free to look back at that world and think, ‘why did I put up with that?’ Raising children is the hardest thing I have ever done. Even now. Even two businesses later. I’m just not a natural player of peek-a-boo and I get bored and grumpy way too easily. Cue Mummy guilt.

I did go back into that corporate world part-time but I didn’t know then how much I had changed. I worked my socks off, struggled with the mummy guilt or work-time guilt, fought with the ingrained sexism and inequality that marginalise working mothers and produced the best work I had ever done (at the time). Boy was I impressed with myself. But the corporate world couldn’t congratulate me, just in case they had to pay me more.

So I thought, ‘screw this, if I can create something this good, in part-time hours, in this badly paid, undermined corporate world, I can build something even better for myself’.

I left, played with a franchise business that was never going to work (probably because I was still too scared to go it alone) and came out with a whole raft of business experience that gave me the power to finally do what I was meant to do.

The Business Beautician happened because I was already doing it. Even when I was learning those (in hindsight) important business lessons in the corporate world, I was already designing (as an artist it comes naturally) and sorting out puzzles for other business owners online (because I love working out new tech). My business mentor at the time suggested I offer my services ‘properly’, the business name popped into my head as if it were just waiting off stage and The Business Beautician took off. It still feels like a happy accident.

I love that I can see and direct the entirety of my business

I love that it is all mine to see through from start to finish

I love that I can guide my business through thick and thin, level up, move it forwards and expand.

I love that I can be creative with my business’s direction, that I can play and test and try without constraint.

I love that I can use my talents; my art, my puzzling skills and my technological curiosity to solve other entrepreneur’s problems and help them to move forwards.

I love that I now work with lovely people, whose passion is their ‘why’

I love that I can help them direct their businesses and carry on in their own creativity without technology holding them back.

I love that I can empower other female entrepreneurs to take full advantage of the technology out there that allows them to escape the old corporate constructs and create something that is completely heart-centred.

I love that our ‘why’ as entrepreneurs really can be central to everything.

Big Love, Kat xx