So, you’ve created yourself a lovely looking facebook header and it’s looking great on your desktop. But when you load it up onto Facebook something horrible happens. It is squashed and stretched and all the colours have broken up. What is happening?!
cross eyed cat

Don’t worry! There are 3 useful tricks to get your facebook cover keeping it’s good looks once it has been uploaded to the social media site.

  1. Create your image at exactly the right size

    …which is 851 x 315px. No more, no less. This is because Facbook thinks it knows best and will automatically resize anything that is a different size. And every time a jpg or png file is resized, compressed or enlarged, it looks worse and worse and worse.

  2. Pick good, high resolution photos.

    I know that the end image is really quite small and displayed on a tiny screen but this can make all the difference. Have a look through some of the free photo sites, www., Microsoft office images, morguefile are a few good ones. You can grab a great image there for free and you won’t have to worry about copyright issues. If you pick up photos from another source ALWAYS check if you can use them for commercial projects.

  3. When you save your edited images always make sure that the file is under 100KB big

    .Just navigate to the folder it is in and right click to check it’s size. Facebook automatically reduces the size of any files larger than 100KB, which can ruin the look of the image.