Automate your social media through your blog

social-media-makeoverWhen it comes to social media I suffer from indecision and stubbornness.

There are so many social media channels to choose from. We all have our favourites and my home is on Facebook. It took me ages to get the hang of it and to really embrace it for business and I am still a somewhat reluctant  poster.

For me, it is all to do with authenticity. Being reminded that I should post everyday doesn’t make it easy for me to do. When I do write something it needs to come straight from my heart, or nothing gets written at all. Which is why I write my blog at strange hours of the day. As soon as I get an idea I jot it down and let it grow naturally. Luckily for my blogging schedule, this does happen often so I don’t sit at the computer with the horrible ‘I must write a blog today’ feeling.

But when it comes to posting on my Facebook page, I know I must post witty or insightful, helpful or interactive quips, but often it just doesn’t feel authentic. And then I worry that I’m abandoning my Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn fans, followers and groups and I completely lose focus and end up posting nothing.

So I have learnt to take off some of the pressure to post and automate my WordPress blog to update my social media so it stays up to date and authentic. As always, there are some great out of the box plugins that can help to boost your social media presence with no effort from you. Yay!


This fantastic little plugin automatically tweets parts of your blog every few hours so you can capture the interest of your followers with great content. You can choose when to post, whether to post titles or content, add #hashtags and send followers straight to your website with traceable bitly links. All automatically!

Microblog poster

Super automate your blog. This plugin will look after your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (and more) accounts. You can personalise your messages for each platform,  post to more than one account for each platform AND it doesn’t advertise ‘posted from Microblog’ at the bottom so it can be your little secret 😉


Get your readers to share your posts and even submit them to social bookmarking sites. This handy little plugin covers like and share buttons, related posts (to keep your readers on your site), Classic Bookmarks, a Recommendations & Related Content tool, built-in Social Analytics, and official support for Google’s URL shortener as well as Google Analytics.


Get it all done at once!

You may already use Hootsuite to post to your social media sites automatically but did you know you can link it to your blog feeds on your website without any extra work from you? Set up and account at and input the social networks you want to post to (you can choose up to five on the free account!). You then just input the rss feed address from your website and it will automatically post your blogs to your social networks with your choice of timing, extra text and content.

There you go, one blog …. lots and lots of potential 🙂



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