Do you find it really hard to be yourself when selling?

video cover

I do. Find out how I created a more me way to sell my online course.

Launching a course is always a BIG job, even if you’ve done it before and have loads of fantastic reviews (thank you online gorgeous ladies). My latest course launch was no exception. But as I wrote the emails, posted the reminders and worked Facebook (in my limited way because Facebook and I are not best buddies) I just wasn’t feeling the love.

Nope. I hate selling. I hate posting on social media and I really hate sounding like every other person trying to sell yet another online course. So I got into a funk about it.

Until I went to the laundrette.

Maybe it was the spinning of the machines that shook me out of it or maybe it was just the chance to escape the madness at home (2 kids, 1 poorly husband, a broken washing machine and builders replacing the windows), but I started to think about how I could get more of ME across in my marketing.

I try to keep my teaching light and entertaining and really really fun so that my ladies enjoy the course enough to actually do the work and get the results they signed up for. So I needed to show that in my sales stuff.

THE video was born.

Da Da Daaaaaaah

Sitting there watching the wash I had a kernel of an idea that grew into a wacky demonstration of my approach to all things BUSINESS AND gave us all a giggle at the struggle of designing an online business. I had great fun making it and got to make a range of really silly faces (I excel at this and don’t normally find an outlet for it). In the end it got 9 shares, a reach of over 11,000 and over 4000 views. Who knew the laundrette could be so inspiring.

The best thing about it was that it really boosted my brand. It’s like nothing else out there and truly uber me. AND I’ve got a better understanding of what I want to say to my followers and fans and how I want them to feel about The Business Beautician.

I wanted to make it fun – does it make you giggle?

So what can you do to show off your youness to MAX effect? How do you want people to FEEL about your brand? Unsure? – maybe visit the laundrette 😉