To the Small Business Owner Who Wants to Create an Online Brand your Customers Will LOVE:



Walk away with a beautiful, customer attracting brand that speaks directly to your audience so you can show them exactly what you are all about at a glance across ALL your marketing.

No stress, easy to use branding and templates that speak your language.

Just £147

See Why So Many Entrepreneurs are RAVING About This Course:

OMG! I love the Pinterest exercise. I am so happy with my colours and I know my Ideal clients will be too! YAAAAYYYYYYY!!!

I had a lot of fun creating my brand style guide, it’s nice having it all laid out and the colours really work well together.

Can I just say I have had a really fun day working on my gorgeous branding. Kat you are a legend! I now have my brand colours & fonts & have learnt how to use Pinterest. Tomorrow I will start on my logo.

Loving my new colours. I love how simple you make everything Katherine!

Katherine, I have loved the branding module. Heaps of new goodies to give my website and logo a new gorgeous look. Learnt lots of new things. Loved it!😍

Loving working through the branding part of the course which I knew would be my favourite part!

I’ve just started the online gorgeous program and wanted to say how much I am LOVING!!! doing the branding module. Thank you Katherine for sharing all of this, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop

Really making me think about things 😁

This is for all those ‘can almost taste the success‘ business owners who know that they need to up their game, get noticed and create a beautilicious brand that will do their business justice, without having to fork out thousands for design.

“I meet SO many business owners who are actually embarrassed about their brand. If you hate handing over your business card or stop yourself posting on social media because your images look pants, your business simply won’t grow”.


The answer?
Brand your own business,
take control


You need to be your own glorious self to attract those high paying, lovely clients that you’ll bounce out of bed to work with every day.

You need to fall back in love with your business so your clients and customers will fall in love with you and BUY

STOP HIDING and GROW your Business!

Create a luscious brand your clients will LOVE, engage with and BUY into

If you find the look & feel of your business just a wee bit embarrassing so you don’t even send people to your own website or social media pages you are holding your business back.

If the thought of having a “brand” or “branding” feels just outside of your reach right now you are preventing your audience from understanding what your business is all about, engaging with you and BUYING!

You might feel like you need to have a super huge budget to get “branded” or that you will need to be a creative genius to do it yourself – well, I’m here to tell you that is just not true!!

I don’t want you to sit in a brand you’ve outgrown, no brand at all or one that simply makes you shudder.

So, here’s what I’ve done for you.  Let me introduce you to…

This easy peasey step-by-step course for beginners will help you create beautiful you-soaked branding that attracts clients you LOVE to work with.

A BEAUTIFUL BRAND doesn’t just sit there looking pretty, it also…

  • Your brand will give you the stand out personality to set you apart from the competition.
  • Your brand will build customer recognition so you stay top of mind
  • Your brand will establish your credibility and authority in your market
  • Your brand will help you build trusting relationships with your customers
  • Your brand will create loyal customers for your business – those ones that will continue to buy from you!

And … having a well planned, easy to use visual brand will make putting marketing together SO much faster and be SO much more effective!

This online easy peasey step by step programme will take your brand from ‘meh’ to gorgeous so you can grow your business with confidence and flair knowing your ideal clients will LOVE it!

I’ll take you through the branding process so you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to make your brand look gorgeous and WORK for your business. We’ll cover logos, colours, fonts, hierarchy (yep, that’s a thing) and images to make your brand ROCK on social media, in print and online.

You will create your very own…

Easy to use style guide

Including your logo, colours, fonts, patterns, backgrounds and images to make creating new visuals for your marketing a doddle every time.

Social media templates & headers

So all your marketing is consistent, looking fab and shockingly easy to create.

Business card design

Get yourself in print – no excuses for handing out your business card now!

What you’ll get…

Group support

You’ll get access to a limited place, true support Facebook group, where you can shout if you get stuck or show off your new creations. I’ll be in there to hold your hand and rescue you if you get stuck.

EASY step by step videos

I’ll take you through each step of the design process from understanding what will appeal to your clients, to choosing the right branding elements and creating beautiful visuals in Canva.

Canva templates

I love how easy Canva is to use but they didn’t have all the right templates for you to use, so I created them for you.

You’re welcome x

AND you get lifetime access to the programme!

You can use the programme for any future projects or just come back for a refresher when you need to. Brands do and will change.

So What Choice Will You Make?

Choice A

You can continue to struggle with your present branding, spending hours trying to get your posts, social platforms, mail outs, website to look good

You can continue to confuse your customers by showing up with a different look every time you post or just put them off by looking unprofessional and all over the place.


Choice B

You can join me (and all the other business owners who have said YES to growing their brand) and get your branding sorted, looking great, sending the right messages to the right people and makng your job SO much easier!

So if you’re ready to say YES to growing your business …  then I CANNOT wait to see you inside the course.

Simply click the button below and my Team and I will be waiting for you on the inside!

BUT isn't DIY BAD? Why should I invest in doing it myself?

Branding UP your business isn’t only about throwing a logo together yourself in Canva or Wix. It’s about understanding what makes your brand tick, WHO you are talking to, WHAT you need to communicate and HOW you can do it effectively. Investing in that knowledge is central to creating a top-notch brand and up-leveling your business. DIY is only bad if you don’t know what you are doing.

BUT I'm ridiculously busy, how can I take this on as well?

I know, we’ve all got SO many business hats to wear that taking on another project can seem overwhelming. But I’ve designed this course to be SUPER FUN (beware – you may develop an addiction to Pinterest) and to give you the knowledge and resources to SAVE YOU OODLES OF TIME creating the right graphics for your business in the future.

BUT I can't even choose which colour skirt to buy, how can I possibly choose my brand colours?

Don’t worry, I take you through step-by-step to find what colours tick the right boxes for you and your ideal customers. By the end of the course you will know exactly what rocks their boat and how you can use colour to attract the right people and make more sales! COLOUR POWER!

BUT I'm SO not arty. I can't even draw stick men!

You won’t be expected to turn into a fully fledged graphic designer overnight.

This course is designed for ANYBODY to create great selling graphics with NO experience. I show you some fantastic tricks to creating a professional-looking brand the easy way.

Who Am I & Why Listen To Me?

Hello. I am Kat Reynolds, owner of The Business Beautician ( and I work with wonderful women, like you, to create fabulous online rock your world totally gorgeous businesses that attract customers who LOVE what you do.

As a graphic designer, illustrator and techie geek I have helped many many people move from little old me brands to go get ‘em online brands. It’s amazing what you can achieve when all the techie stuff that holds you back is taken away.

I’ve seen stuck in a rut businesses blossom as the business owner steps into her own and starts to market with BIG personality. Suddenly those dream clients swarm to their door and their business can finally move forward and start making some money. Some businesses struggle to even get off the ground, let alone bring in any money, as we are bombarded with what we need to do but very rarely helped out with the how to do it!

I make it all easy peasey. I go slowly, start from the beginning, cover all the basics and give you all the design tools and templates you need to create your own gorgeous brand. I don’t believe in just telling you what you need to do, I tell you exactly how to do it, step by step. Simple.

I want YOU to go away from this course with EVERYTHING in place to zing with personality, stand out as truely unique and start bringing in those mega sales.

I’m a gorgeous business coach for people who want a gorgeous business. Do you want one?

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s get you looking simply stunning, attracting more clients and being super proud of your brand ready for 2022.

All for just £147