Need a website?

Don't just try to Google it! Get EVERYTHING you need to know to build a WordPress website in ONE easy peasey, step-by-step, from the very beginning, class.

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Why do you need a website?

Build a website to get more credibility for your business

get more credibility

Build a website to make your business more distinctive

be distinctive

Build a website to sell your products online

get selling

Build a website to give your business a home

create a home for your biz

Why WordPress?

wordpress has loads of addons

loads of addons

As your business is constantly evolving, your website needs to be really flexible. Need a shop, directory, members area, analytics, booking form, sign up forms, pop ups, widgets and doodahs – there’s a plugin for that.

building a website with wordpress means that you are in control of your own website

you are in control

Building a WordPress website puts you in the control seat. You’ll know how to edit, change, design and move your own website without having to pay a developer or designer to do it for you (unless you want to!)

Wordpress is constantly updated and new plugins means you have the latest functions at your fingertips

bang up to date

WordPress is constantly updated and, as it is developer friendly, there are thousands of plugins offering the latest functions to add to your website.

Building your website with WordPress means you can easily move to another host, or another platform

don't like it? just move it?

Building your website with WordPress means you can easily move your website to another host, completely change how it looks, works or even export to use another platform

Don’t tear your hair out!

So you know your business needs a website to grow

But you’ve been putting it off, talking about getting a new website built but not making the leap. It just feels too complicated, too expensive and too much of a big decision.

Do you go to a design agency, get a freelance designer or do it yourself? Do you look at Wix, Squarespace or WordPress? And how much is this all going to cost you anyway? Where do you even start?

ARGH! Does this sound familiar?


Building a WordPress website isn't hard

Build a WordPress website in just 3 hours


Learn how to build your own wordpress website in just 3 hours, from scratch with NO website building experience, with this easy peasey step by step wordpress website tutorial.

No techie experience needed!


What we’ll cover…


What you need for perfect website planning cheatsheet

(so you don’t get that blank screen moment)

How to set up hosting

(where your website will live)

How to buy a domain name

(your website address)

How to set up WordPress

(the techy gubbins that makes your website work)

How to upload a FREE theme

(the part that makes your website look nice)

How to customise your theme

(brand it up!)

How to install the right FREE plugins

(to give your website more functions)

How to create pages, posts and menus

(so you can blog and show off your biz)

How to use Whizzy WordPress blocks on your pages

(make each page and post super special)

How to add a contact form

(so people can get in touch)

How to add a simple sign up form

(start building that list)

All in 3 hours!

(watch, pause, build alongside the video tutorial)

+++  Plus +++ 

You’ll also get a Checklist, Cheatsheet and already sized up for you Canva Templates to make designing a sleek look for your website a doddle!

Prep your website checklist

Get all your ducks in a row before you start building your new site

Prep your pages cheatsheet

An easy to follow cheatsheet so you’ll have content for each page all ready to go

Canva image templates

Already sized up perfectly for the tutorial and fully editable for your brand

You’ll leave the class with everything you need to build your first WordPress website, from scratch!


and only £47.99

I took Kat’s how to build a website in 1 hour class a couple of years ago. It was the absolute bees knees and taught me everything I needed to know to get a website live.

It’s been the foundation of all my website techie knowledge and I have built a number of sites and can look after and maintain my sites with ease.

This course not only got me a working website but was the base of all my website knowledge and has simply saved me thousands of pounds xx

Emma Holmes

Coaching Rockstars

Katherine, I could personally hug you! Thanks to the tutorial, i have now built a website 😊.

Its not the pink butterfly saturated twee thing I wanted as hubby works at a high corporate level & it was hard for us to both compromise.

BUT, as a first forray into internetty techy webby magic, it looks quite good…followed you step by step. I even bumbled my way through mailchimp & set a sign up button on FB page!

I am so thankful to you & that quite frankly bloody brilliant tutorial. Thanks so so much Katherine xx

Mel Melrose

AIM Change Solutions

When Katherine Reynolds promises you can build a WordPress website in an hour …….she is not quite telling the truth

We did it in 40 Minutes!!

Three years ago I paid in excess of £3,000 to have a big shiny website built for my three businesses. While it looked good from my point of view it never really brought in much business and it was a real palaver to have some sections updated. Taking time and costing £50 per hour

Now that I have bought Katherine’s webinar my fabby admin girl Becky and I have built the first website…. Put the Skeleton of the second one up and are contemplating doing the third one next week

Now that …ladies…is value for money but much more than that I have bought FREEDOM (say it in my Scottish accent for full effect)

Thank you Katherine you are a star. Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge and for your fabulous way of making a task that seems really daunting actually very simple

Fiona Brown

My Realistic Fitness

So stop talking about it, let’s get it done, get it out there and you can start growing your business!

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