How to make more money for crafters

How to make more money for crafters

How to get more money for crafters

I work with so many ladies who LOVE what they do. They’ve spent years perfecting their art and put SO much love and attention into each and every beautiful creation they design, hand make and sell. Each and every one is a gem.

But often the rewards aren’t really there. Hours creating something unique and beautiful aren’t always followed by cash. There really is a limit on what you can sell your pieces for, even on Etsy, even with a lengthy description of the uniqueness and lovingly handmade in the traditional wayness with no shortcuts, by a craftsman / lady with the very best materials. It’s a competitive market, especially for beautiful things.

How to earn more money for craftersI am always astonished that items that contain so much skill and beauty can be sold for just a few pounds. I know – you LOVE what you do. But wouldn’t it be nice to be paid a little more for it? The dream for many crafters is that their hobby can be more than a bit of extra and support them full time, so they can do what they love to do, all of the time. Many don’t make it off the kitchen table.

There is only one YOU. There is only so much you can do, make, design and pour your love into. So we have to get a little crafty (see what I did there?) to turn your hobby into a rocking, love every bit of it, full of fun business. OK, bad jokes aside, you need to be able to leverage your time so you can earn more from everything you do, still create the beautiful things you love to make, but stop being paid peanuts for your precious time.

I love to draw and I’m an illustrator at heart. I love to tell stories with my pictures and explore new characters. It’s what rocks my boat. I giggle when I think that I get paid to spend a whole day drawing cartoons or creating a beautiful photographic collage for my latest VIP design client. But although I KNOW I’m lucky to get recognition and be paid so well for just doing what I love to do, without the other half of my business I wouldn’t be able to move forwards and grow The Business Beautician. I wouldn’t have the connections, the wonderful community of lovely ladies who I support and who support me through my journey, the money to expand my business or the heart-leaping feeling of helping solopreneurs create their own beautiful brands through my classes and courses.

I’ve learnt to leverage my time. I now create simple how to design and techie classes and courses that get my crowd playing with their own unique brilliance and creating brilliant brands that work for them. I love it!!! It’s thrilling to hear that my lovely ladies have discovered a creativity they never knew they had and built something that seemed stupidly complicated and techie before with bouncy ease. What has always come easily to me, and the layers of knowledge and skill that I’ve built up over the years has been business changing for my crowd.

[bctt tweet=”And it doesn’t need to be complicated. The best online classes and programmes are simple. “]You might not think your hard won knowledge is revolutionary or unique or special but your crowd will. If they love what you do, they will pay to be able to do it too. You only have to create your class or course once and you can sell it over and over again. Suddenly your time is worth LOADS! And as a nice Brucey bonus, your own beautiful pieces will be worth more too. Yay!

I’ve built my business online and gathered together a huge crowd of wonderful ladies who really get what I’m about and even laugh at my bad jokes (who knew?!) Creating an online business can offer you a whole world of people that would love to know how you do it. You don’t have to hire out a hall, prepare lots of materials for everybody or worry about presenting in front of an audience.

I record my videos at home, using easy and mostly free technology, I produce worksheets, downloadables, freebies and audios myself to help my crowd get the most from my classes and sell through my own website. An online business enables you to help many many more people and communicate your passion to an audience anywhere in the world. It is truly amazingly awesome stuff!

So consider the next time you sit down with your beautiful creations how so many people out there would love to know the basics, even the most simple parts of what you do. Your gift is truly unique, nobody can do what you do, but you can teach people how to create their own brilliance and spread the love of just doing it.

Over to you. What do you love to create, what skills do you have to offer that are more than a beautiful but one off work of art sold on Etsy? Please share – I’d love to know what is the zing behind your creations.