Christmas-flap_-Christmas-flop-largeAre you a last minute Christmas shopper?

I’m always late with my Christmas shopping and I always end up wrapping the presents late into the night on 23rd December.

I always have great Christmas plans, I get the perfect cards and wrapping as soon as the Christmas displays are up and then … it gets left. I NEVER manage to write the cards in time for the second class post, I barely make the 1st class last minute panic post. And I’ve ALWAYS lost addresses and have to ring around last minute, revealing my total unpreparedness and disorganisation.

My friend, in contrast, has already bought all the presents in September, is making her own beautiful wrapping paper and Christmas cards and will spend a whole month making delicious goodies and decorating her house. I always feel loved and treasured when she hands me her lovingly made Christmas gifts and a little embarrassed to be exchanging it with my hastily thrown together offering.

The time, effort and thought she has put into it really shows.

The same can be said for businesses that have put months of planning and hard work into creating their own Christmas sparkle. A well planned Christmas sales campaign can be the difference between bumper sales and a bumper flop.

So before you start panicking that you haven’t even started to look at how to wrap your wonderful Christmas offer this year, here are a few tips to get you started with creating a beautifully tempting Christmas look.

  1. Think how your ideal customer would decorate their house at Christmas? Singing santas? Lots of tinsel and colour or elegant whites and blues? Traditional Father Christmas or fun cartoon santa?
  2. Now, how can you bring that look to your brand? Can you add an accent colour, a sparkle to your brand name, a character font, Christmassy backgrounds or a running Christmassy joke? And remember that sometimes a subtle change can be more effective than Christmas overload.
  3. Create a Christmas brand. Write a list of how your brand should look and feel throughout the season and stick to it.
  4. Collect together all the pics, colours and fonts you’ll use in your Christmas campaign so it’s all ready for you when you start to put your marketing materials together.
  5. Where do your ideal customers hang out? Facebook? YouTube? Twitter? Plan your Christmas campaign around them. If they love to share silly pictures on FB you can give them some to share. If they love to get ideas for their own home projects, give them something to interact with. What would they wish for from Santa? This is the time to get inventive.
  6. Christmassify your business. Decide on a launch date and wave the magic Christmas wand over your whole business. Social media, memes, ads, website, blog, newsletter should all include the same Christmas sparkle.

Get it right and your Christmas campaign will look really special and get those sales rolling in.