Stand out! It worked for Rupolph

Dog dressed up to demonstrate stand out christmas brand

Well, if it’s good enough for Rudolph…

So, what treats have you got in store for your customers this Christmas? Special offers, a bit of tinsel, cards to your most adored customers?

This is the time of year when every business can benefit from the warmth and generosity of the season. It doesn’t matter if you sell widgets to other businesses or road surfacing to the public sector, orders at this time of year are bigger and customers are more likely to try new products.

And don’t think you can’t have a laugh. Insert some Christmas ho ho ho  into your campaign and get yourself noticed, do something a little different. This is your opportunity to sparkle (and who doesn’t like a bit of glitter!). So here are some top tips to creating a Christmas marketing campaign that gets your business to the front of the sleigh.

Stand out!

Are you trying to build your overall business brand to build your customer list? –  Then inject some personality into your campaign.

Humour goes a long way at Christmas. When I worked as Marketing Manager at an engineering company I was sent a little story book about Santa’s brand strategy, set out like a children’s Mr Men book. I wasn’t looking for a new graphic design company but I kept that little book because it made me laugh and, you guessed it, a couple of months down the line I got in touch. I loved the silliness of the gift and the boldness of just doing something different when my desk was weighed down by Businessy Christmas cards flying the international flag.

So stand out this Christmas, it got Rudolph where he is today.

You think manufacturing business is dry and boring? Not any more! This Christmas video from AKQA went viral…

Be consistent

It’s always nice to get a card through the post. But it is so much more exciting to be told that something wonderful is arriving in the post any day now!

Create a bit of anticipation and curiosity with your campaign. You’ve got loads of outlets to really drum up some attention. Utilise all these channels, tweet on twitter, keep them guessing on Facebook, get them involved through your newsletters and maybe run a competition.  The best seasonal campaigns build up week by week in the lead up to Christmas. They use the same imagery, the same Christmas theme and stick to it. Don’t be afraid of hinting, don’t be afraid of drawing them in slowly. Be consistent with your seasonal look and they’ll be hooked.

Even the big brands are using social media this year. The bear and hare from the lovely animated ad from John Lewis that aired last week had over 500 followers before the ad even hit our screens. And M&S released a promoted tweet and instagram video to introduce their new Christmas Alice in Wonderland campaign and make us wonder, what comes next…

A few Christmas ideas, just for you…

Is your brand a social business? Then how about offering a percentage of all sales to a charity of your choice? Make it more personal, and donate to a charity close to your heart and tell the story.

Postcard campaigns are great for building a story. Send a series of Christmassy messages. Or perhaps a series of clues to win a special prize.

Christmas vouchers are almost the done thing these days. Pep yours up with a bit of social magic. Build it up over a number of weeks, showcase your products and get your audience involved.

Play to win. Competitions and games are great for getting your audience involved. Draw your audience on to your facebook page or website to play and get them sharing.

Above all, have fun … it is Christmas!



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