5 essentials for a list-rocking freebie for your coaching biz

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5 essentials for a list-rocking freebie for your coaching business

5 essentials for a list-rocking freebie for your coaching businessHow many freebies have you signed up for? I can’t even count the numbers I’ve signed up for. Every now and again I have to go through my inbox and delete newsletters from the (seems like) hundreds of lists I’ve signed up to and then promptly forgotten about.

How many freebies have you signed up for and then read or used? I can certainly count the number I’ve actually paid attention to on my fingers. Ouch, that’s a scary statistic!

How many freebies have you not responded to at all – no sign up, no clicks and no action? Of course, it’s impossible to know this number because the likelihood is that they just floated on by your consciousness along with all the other marketing noise we are surrounded by every day.

Sorry, that was a bit depressing wasn’t it!

Freebies do work, they are a fantastic way of getting people onto your list and interested in how you can help them (promise), you just have to know how to make it stand out. Your coaching business freebie really needs to make an impact to get the attention of the right people AND to get them to actually read / watch / listen to it once they have it.

‘ARGH! How can I do that’ I hear you say…

Here are the 5 essential things your coaching biz freebie MUST have:

  1. A purpose

Without a purpose your freebie could well be added to the list of things you are told you need but that just don’t seem to be working for your business. Don’t let it sit on a digital shelf gathering dust, decide what you want to achieve and how that freebie is going to get you it.

Your freebie is often the first contact a customer will have with you and your business. It’s the warm welcoming handshake before you start building a relationship with that person to eventually sell to.

And that’s the key – decide what path you want your customers to take, from freebie to sale. Where are you leading them? What will be on offer at the end of the path? What result will they get after travelling down that path?

  1. A result

Your freebie should help your newbie customer get a result. Nothing huge, you don’t have to give away all of your hard earned knowledge and advice up front, but a small, easy win that will impress them enough to want to continue hearing from you.

So ask yourself, what are your ideal customers struggling with? What is the one little easy trick that you can teach them that will help them on their journey?

  1. The big SO WHAT?

Your freebie may help women to start eating healthily, help youngsters to get an interview for their first job or demonstrate a few easy ways to craft with buttons, which is great …. But so what?

Work out why they need to start eating healthily, get an interview or craft with buttons and your freebie will be much more attractive. Bring the ‘why’ into the freebie title.

  • 10 easy healthy snacks that won’t break your diet
  • 7 CV secrets to bagging that dream job
  • 5 stand out button crafts to amaze your kids and dazzle your friends
  1. Wonderful packaging

We are constantly surrounded by marketing visuals and your little freebie needs to shout really loudly. Your freebie can be as helpful as can be inside, packed full of your hard-earned wisdom and advice, but if it looks ‘meh’ then it’s not going to get a second look.

Make sure your freebie stands out. With SO many freebies around being free just isn’t enough, you’ve really got to sell the thing. Choose bold colours, contrasting titles, big attention grabbing pictures for your marketing and the freebie itself. Make the inside as beautiful as the cover and you’re onto a winner.

  1. Consistent branding

Your freebie is the first of many communications you’ll have with your customers. Make sure they know that it’s you who’s talking.

Keeping consistent colours, fonts, imagery, logos and language throughout all your marketing, from freebie to sales page, will strengthen your brand message, build trust and get people to buy.


There is a definite art to creating a freebie that will rocket your list so always test, test, test to see what gets you the best results.



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