This lovely little butterfly fluttered around our feet as we explored the castle walls at the Archbishop’s Palace in Wells.
Pretty Blue
I was surprised to get such a good shot of it with my phone but I love the contrast of the soft purple-blue of his wings and the light greens of the grasses. 


And a great example of how you can create balance in your branding images to pick out elements without it looking fussy.

There is an awful lot of texture in this image and yet it doesn’t detract from the little blue butterfly, in fact, the grasses seem to frame him.

I’ve added to this effect by repeating the soft blue of his wings in the text, picked out by the dark shadow overlay so the text is easy to read against the background. 

Another little trick is popping the butterfly in the bottom left of the image and the text in the top right do it all looks really balanced.

And hey presto, your eye reads the text in relation to the butterfly instantly, at a single glance. Just what you need when you are trying to sell something with your graphics.

Love Kat red heart
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