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What do you see first when you walk past the newspaper stand in the supermarket? I know that the first thing that stands out for me is the full page picture of the latest celebrity looking as if she has been dragged through a hedge backwards by her hair, in the rain after crying for 10 hours. It’s not that I’m looking for it, I probably go on to look for the headlines on the broadsheets (honest!), but Miss Celebrity is always the first to capture my attention.

Social Media is great for capturing the attention of the audience and, in the same way as the red tops in the UK, using pictures is one of the best ways at making your point. The only problem is that while most entrepreneurs are experts in what they do, they are not experts in making beautiful graphics that communicate directly to their audience. And if they have a virtual business, coaching, therapy, classes and don’t make a physical product, getting imagery to describe their business can seem impossible.

This is where the meme comes in – a quick and visual soundbite that can be shared by your tribe.

Memes get more shares, more likes and more comments. Add a funny picture or quote and you’ll boost engagement on your page. Come up with something orginal and you may go viral. To this day, the most shared picture on my facebook page is a picture of a funny cow!

Stuck for something to say?

The internet is full of useful quotes sites. To name a few:



Quotations page

Need to find some free pictures to make your quote or message stand out?

Here are a few of my favourites

Stock Xchange

Creative Commons on flickr

Microsoft clip art

Morgue file

Put it all together

If you are new to creating your own graphics it can be pretty daunting opening up new graphics software. I’ve been testing out the free to use online photo editor PicMonkey for you and I think you’ll LOVE how easy it is to use. It is available for free, which is great, but you get more options if you create an account. Check it out HERE

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win
PicMonkey: fearless photo embetterment



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