Are you creating obstacles to buy on your website?

obstacle-courseIt’s really easy to fall into this trap. You know your business inside out and love your products. You have lovingly added to and developed your website alongside your business and it has grown and grown and grown.

But with that growth can come confusion

Maybe your website has grown into a bit of a different beast than the one you originally designed. Maybe you’ve added new product lines, new blog topics, membership content and downloadables. And they’ve fitted in and around your content.

Great – an evolving business needs an evolving website

The only thing is, all these changes can amount to a confusing structure that will confuse your customers and ultimately prevent them from buying.

I recently completed a website for my business coach

I love her products, her blogs and I loved her website when she released it six months ago. I am definitely her ideal customer. The thing was that her business had moved on so much in that time and she had had to tag on so many changes, new products, new software solutions and even a new approach to her ideal customer that it came to a point where she was getting loads of through traffic but people just weren’t buying anymore.

As her business had developed, it had outgrown the original structure and needed a rethink. By thinking about the core products she offered her ideal customer, and really honing in on what questions her ideal customer needed answering when they landed on her site we managed to design a website that was much simpler to navigate, much more focused on the benefits of her clubs and packages for her ideal customer and LOADS easier to buy from.

We’d simplified the route to buy

Her customers now have a maximum of 3 clicks to find out that the website really appeals to them as an ideal customer, get to the page that answers their questions, shows them the benefits and gives them the option to buy. They still have loads of options, but they are directed through the site to what is right for them.

A new look

TGMB site

I designed the new look of her website with her ideal customer in mind and we came up with the idea of a little story for her ladies, moving from broke, busy and stuck in their business to successful, wealthy and free to enjoy the business they have created. Bright highlight colours and fun cartoons reflected Claire’s fun and approachable attitude to business so she can instantly appeal to ideal customers that will really ‘get’ the way she works.

The website has over 100 pages behind the scenes and a blog packed full of information, but as the website has a choice of only 11 pages on the main navigation and funnels visitors down to the good stuff right away it is much easier to find what you want.

So, step back and have a look at your website

• What questions do your ideal customers have when they land on your website. What answers are they looking for?
• How will they find this information? How many clicks do they need to do before they find the right answers?
• Then – are they told to buy or sign up?

And as your business grows, ask these questions again. As you add new pages or new blog topics ask yourself how your ideal customer will navigate through the site. And, most importantly, how will they buy?



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