do it yourself design

A great business is more than a pretty face

The Business Beautician is here to do more than make you visible from outer space with a gorgeous website. Because there’s more to the entrepreneurial story than being good-looking online, isn’t there?

You want to draw eyeballs to your site and make peeps want to visit often—and maybe even make a purchase while there.

You’re in the right place.

With my DIY Launch Pro classes, you’ll be able to master each step of launching your online business:

  • Design a WordPress site in one sitting
  • Create stylish, pitch-perfect sales pages
  • Build your customer list and launch a smash hit of a newsletter
  • Make friends with MailChimp, PayPal and other nifty tools that can make your life easier and your customers happier
  • Turn your website into the mighty sales engine that could (and does!)

I want these tutorials to help you reach entrepreneurial wizardry, slay your technical worry monsters, launch with confidence and do more business from your garden.