big girl shoesDo you look at your competitor’s website or marketing bumph and think that they must be doing really well. I do. I am nosy and never learn. I cruise through my competitors websites thinking that they must be doing far better than me, they must attract so many more customers and be earning a packet. But this simply isn’t true.

It’s amazing how good design can fool you into thinking a company is bigger and better than it really is. When I was starting out as a lowly marketing assistant I was involved with developing new relationships with partner companies. As a small business we often muscled up to the bigger players to try to win the contracts for the really big bucks. One of the companies we partnered up with had a very impressive website; glossy brochures, swanky business cards and fab logo and the directors had particularly nice shoes. Everything about them said ‘success’. Fine. It seemed that the commissioners thought so too and we won a joint contract. The thing is that it turned out that this impressive looking outfit was actually a partnership of two. They didn’t have a huge office, many minions and a list of ongoing contracts, they just had their own experience, a great product and a fantastic brand.

So when I go trawling the internet I try to keep in mind that my competitors may also have a little old me complex. They too, have their mind monkeys and probably do all their own admin in a corner of their bedroom. You just can never tell!