It was my daughter Holly’s school training day this week so to keep her from the boredom blues I took some time out and we went to watch the new Cinderella at the cinema.

It was brilliant! We both gasped in delight at the magical fireworks, the sparkly fairy godmother, the huge golden coach, the overwhelming excitement of arriving at the ball and the massive blue dress (with sparkly butterflies) and I cried three times at the rather mushy sad bits. I loved every bit of it, even the mice. I also loved watching Holly watch it. She’s as soft and romantic and silly and magical as me.

So I didn’t really take Holly to see the film, I took us. There, I admit it. It was because I wanted to watch it.

true-you-marketing (2)

But I’m not the only one. The lovely lady who sold us our tickets told me that the mums obviously can’t wait to see it before they go in and always come out with a romantical glint in their eye.

That afternoon at ballet (it was a packed day for Holly) I was sitting with the other mums when I mentioned I’d been to see Cinderella. Suddenly everybody joined in the conversation and I felt that I’d actually shared something about myself that doesn’t normally come out on the school runs and whilst I’m waiting for Holly to finish dancing / gymnastics / swimming / insert other activity here. Needless to say the sparkle, glitter and the enormous dress were central to the conversation.

I think at least 3 of the ballet mums will be going now and I feel I’m a bit more than just Holly’s mum.

It can be hard to show the world who we really are, even if we have a coaching business that advises our customers to be themselves and love who they are.

But when we are positioning ourselves as the expert in our work, our own personality, our loves, hates, silly quirks and sense of humour are the most important part of our brand. These are the juicy, most persuasive parts of our business. This is what attracts our ideal customers to interact, to trust and to buy from us. Take your personality out of your coaching business and you have a bland generic service that won’t have the competitive edge that only you can provide.

I’m going through a rebrand for The Business Beautician. It just wasn’t doing it for me. I was trying to be somebody else, taking on all the advice that I should talk this way to visitors or chose images that will grab attention. But actually, it was leaving me cold and just not doing the job anyway.

So I’ve added sparkle back in.

My new brand is vibrant, magical, beautiful, fun, childish, light and playful and I LOVE IT! It’s totally me through and through and I think it shows the approach I have to my work and the services I offer my clients. I’ll be changing my social media, website, newsletters, ads, visuals, images, logo and everything in between to show off my uniqueness. Hooray!

How about you? How well does your brand show off your personality? What feelings does your brand generate through images, colours, fonts, language, logos, layout and conversations? Are you taking advantage of the most important asset in your coaching business – YOU?