No Effort Whizziness for WordPress

Formatting your website pages is really important for getting your visitors to read it. Generally, we don’t read web pages, we scan them. You can probably expect new visitors to your website to read the first 2 paragraphs of any article and then move on. So you’ve got to grab their attention and keep it.

OK, so I’m one paragraph down now and so I really need to get to the point before you all wander off to pastures new. I’m going to let you in on a not so little WordPress gem that will let you sort out your information with ease and communicate your point instantly. Yep, it’s a WordPress plugin, but this one has so many knobs and whistles that you’ll never be short of new ways to make your pages work for you.

[animate duration=”1″ delay=”10″]Shortcodes Ultimate is a free wordpress plugin that puts a really handy button at the top of your page and post editor.[/animate][spacer]


On your wordpress dashboard choose plugins, add plugin
Search for Shortcodes Ultimate and click install and then activate
Just open up a new page or post and you will see the insert shortcode button. No complicated setup, just ready to go
Click ‘insert shortcode and follow the instructions. Yes, it is that easy

With a click of a button you can add animation, columns, boxes, buttons, carousels, page sliders and loads more.

How to add shortcode to your web page


Your wordpress theme may not support many shortcodes and so it can be quite difficult to create some of the more common display effects. Even creating a table or columns may seem really complicated. Here are a few of the wonderful effects you can achieve with the shortcodes.

This is a button
This is the content of the box, which is sure to stand out on your page. You can change the background, border and font colours to match your brand.

[carousel source=”media: 717,730,728,716,733,734″] Or even a beautiful carousel to display your work

Hover me to open tooltipAdd a Tooltip Text

[list icon=”icon: heart” icon_color=”#faa6fc”]

  • Don’t settle for boring bullet points
  • Choose from a great list of icons
  • Or upload your own
  • It couldn’t be easier


Icould go on playing, but I shall leave you to have fun with it. As soon as you press the shortcode button you will see a list of options. Click an option and the plugin takes you through an easy to use pop up screen where you can choose colours, tweak the options, add your photos or videos and generally produce something whizzy that will look as if it has been professionally designed for your website.

[spoiler title=”Click this Ultimate Shortcode Spoiler” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]Have fun![/spoiler]



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