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Get your customers to fall in love with your brand

Get your customers to fall in love with your brand

How do you measure the success of your business? Do you count how many fans you have on Facebook, followers on Twitter and names in your contact database? I do, it’s addictive and easy to measure.

But how many of these followers, fans and contacts are emotionally contributing to your brand. Are you connecting with the all-important subconscious that triggers a sale and makes them buy from you again and again?

Buying is not a conscious decision based on a logical weighing up of the facts and benefits of a particular product, but an emotional decision buried deep in the subconscious and more to do with how a brand makes us feel, how engaged we are and how much we want and value that one special thing that we can’t possibly get anywhere else. If this weren’t true, not nearly so many Ipods would have been sold at twice the price of other MP3 players, designer label clothes  stores would be a thing of the past and we would only ever buy the supermarket own brand pain killers. But Apple is a well-loved brand that evokes the kind of affiliation and loyalty that marketers dream of and we still trust and feel comforted by buying Lemsip when we have a cold.

Product ImageASDA Cold & Flu Relief with Decongestant Sachets Lemon Flavour (10)

Do you reach for the well known brand when you just want to feel better? Supermarket own brands often try to mimic the colours and imagery of the best sellers to evoke the same feelings. Asda’s cold and flu relief is clearly using the greens and warm yellows and red of the branded packaging, plus the imagery of warm steam rising from the mug.

What were they aiming for? Making the customer feel comforted, warm, familiar, building trust, welcoming, effective, relieved.

Give your brand an emotional value.

Tap into your customer’s subconscious and build trust and loyalty to your business. And this needn’t cost the earth, no big marketing campaigns or PR stunts.

Have a look at what your ideal customer buys. What brands do they love, where do they shop, what tempts them to buy. Have a look at the websites of stores that they shop in and magazines they would read. What colours, images and features stand out? Where does your customer feel most at home? And if you don’t know, ask them!

And then have a good look at your brand, not just your logo, but the colours that you use in your marketing materials and the images that you post on your facebook page and on your website.  Can you mimic some of your ideal customer’s favourite stores? Can you use some of the colours and patterns that are used by their favourite brands? Can your brand generate the same warm fuzzy feelings in your ideal customer that will make them feel truly at home when they visit your website, shop or just take your business card. You don’t have to copy what’s out there, your brand should be unique, but just be aware of what colours and images influence your ideal customer and what feelings drive them to buy.

If you can tap into your ideal customer’s subconscious and generate an emotional response, you won’t just have a list of customers, you will have a list of loyal fans that have fallen in love with your brand.


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