Less is more(5) One of the questions I get asked the most as a designer is ‘what fonts should I use?’ And that is because it is really easy to get it wrong – very wrong.

We are very visual creatures so you have to consider what the shapes and associations of your font will say to your customers. Think of each font as carefully as you pick out that perfect picture or choose your brand colours. Get it wrong and your words could be saying something completely different to what you intended.

To help you out with this tricky subject I’ve put together some top tips for choosing fonts that not only work for your brand, but fonts that work up against different images and in different situations.

  1. Less is moreLess is more

You only need a max of two fonts in your design. One for the heading and one for the body text. The more styles you add, the more cluttered and mismatched your design will look and your communication will be less effective.

  1. Keep it simpleLess is more(1)

Don’t add in multiple colours, font weights (bold, italics, underlines) or extra squiggles. Keep your design clean and tidy and your words will make more of an impact.

  1. Cut off the curly bitsLess is more(2)

Some of the most impactful headlines are short and sweet. A couple of meaningful words in a large scale font will always make more of a visual impression than a whole sentence description. Content may be king, but create a headline (or head word) that attracts attention and your content is more likely to be read.

For greater impact choose a heavier font or use a complimentary colour for your key message.

  1. One is a great numberLess is more(3)

Try sticking to one font. Match italics with your regular font weight for a sophisticated look.

  1. Be yourselfLess is more(4)

Choose a headline font that brings out the character of your copy. Opt for a handwritten fun font if you have a playful and relaxed writing style or your message and imagery is fun. Or a sans serif font if your message is simple and clear. Or a use a serif font (the one with the twiddles) for a more traditional or elegant look.

The most important thing about design is that you need to have fun! Go ahead and play with some new fonts. Visit font squirrel and download some new fonts to play with, have a go on Picmonkey or Canva and make each word count.