Calling all website owning small business owners and entrepreneurs.
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Get SEEN on Google!

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Let’s whip your website into shape and start making it the money making machine it should be!


Invisible on Google is costing you money!

Join my challenge and let’s see how you can

  • get more eyes on your prize!
  • quell your frantic social media posting,
  • smash through your apathy at the lack of interaction, engagement and in fact anyone actually seeing anything you post!
  • get more eyes on your content without having to bust a gut posting 10 times a day on every social media channel

…and instead pop your energy into a place with results, longevity and the creation of a money making machine.

It’s time your website started working for your business. Let’s whip it into shape!!!

Is your website doing a BIG FAT NOTHING for your business?

 Have you built a beautiful website, but no-one knows it’s there?

Are you completely in the dark about the ‘dark art’ of SEO

This is what you need to know…

1. I know you may think your website isn’t working, but making a FEW SMALL CHANGES can be the start of making it PAY ITS WAY

2. Your website should be an effective part of your marketing. If it isn’t bringing in the customers it needs fixing.
3. SEO (search engine optimisation) isn’t hard or a dark art and you don’t have to be part of a secret club to be good at it!

So, I’ve created this EASY SEO Challenge to cut out all the confusion and mystery that puts so many business owners off learning ANYTHING about SEO.

Trust me, learning just these 4 SEO basics is going to put your business WAY in front of the competition.

I’m not going to be talking stats and numbers, but giving you FOUR simple easy to do, easy to implement and dead easy to rinse and repeat tricks that will put you ahead of the game so you can get found on Google.

This is what I teach my clients to do on their own sites and some of the nifty tricks I use myself to make Google think my sites are the bees knees and show them in search results.


Katherine Reynolds Website Developer

What we’ll be talking about…

Digging the dirt on your site

Speed it up! (Google hates slow)

Finding the right keywords

Working that SEO magic

Plus loads of support in the Facebook group for those moments when you would normally be throwing your computer out of a window and a bunch of lovely people to bounce ideas off. (Yes, SEO can be creative too!)

By the end of this challenge you’ll have a faster website, have fixed the things Google really hates, have learnt how to pinpoint EXACTLY what your customers are searching for on the interweb and have started to take BIG action on getting your website seen.

You’ll FINALLY be in control of who sees your content and start to see your website become that money making machine it should be!

Why students are raving about the Easy SEO Challenge

Took in almost £3K in advance sales – so pretty chuffed!!!

More of that, please – thank you.😎

Sue Gregory

Gazette Magazines

Thanks so much for all of this content it has been wonderful.
I am a total dinosaur so has been a bit scary doing some of the stuff but have learnt loads and started to make some changes.
Claire Roberts

Claire Roberts Nutrition and Reflexology

Brilliant and really informative week – thank you so much!
Virginia Hills

Virginia Hills Nutrition

I’m loving all your useful tips this week, it’s giving me more confidence with my website and motivation/focus to keep up the work after this challenge 🙂

Thank you for bringing this challenge 😁

Karen Cheyne

Sparkling Moon

The Easy SEO Challenge starts LIVE on Monday 4th October – be there or own a lazy website FOREVER!