How do you find the right plugins for your website?

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There are over 60000 WordPress plugins, both free and paid for, out there. How do you find the right plugins for your website? (Hint- those last 3 words are key – for YOUR website!)

There are loads of great plugins out there and many of them do similar things, do how to choose… warning, handy list imminent…

1. Decide what the new plugin NEEDS to do for YOUR website.

2. Put together a short list of possible plugins that could be good.

3. Check out when the plugins were last updated (particularly for the free ones you find on the WordPress site) If they haven’t been updated for years or aren’t compatible with the latest WordPress update cross them off the list.

4. Check to see if there are any extra useful features of the plugins. If it means you can use 1 instead of 2 plugins yay!

5. Check to see what the support is like (especially for paid plugins). Free plugins can still provide support under comments on the plugin details and paid ones often have forums or ticket systems.

6. For BIG plugins check out reviews. Google it 

7. If your chosen plugin doesn’t like your website/ your theme/ your other plugins you’ll have a useful list of alternatives to work through until you find the perfect match ❤️❤️❤️

8. Do a victory dance 💃

Kat ❤️

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Kat Reynolds
Kat Reynolds


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