How I built an online shop in 4 hours

Build an online shop class background

It can be done! And if you know how, it can be really super easy too!!

I created this beautiful, perfectly working, online shop in WordPress in just under 4 hours.

From scratch!

Using nothing but free WordPress, themes and plugins. It’s amazing what you can do yourself.


It’s got everything a great online shop needs

  • Beautiful branding
  • Easy to navigate menus
  • Simple layout
  • Great calls to action on every page
  • Easy to find contact details
  • Super easy and good looking to boot checkout
  • Easy to setup products and categories
  • Gorgeously tempting photos and galleries
  • A blog
  • And much much more!

Check out how I built an online shop in 4 hours…

Want to know how YOU can build an online shop quickly and easily? Check out my Build an Online Shop Class for Beginners.


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