How Selfies can Boost your Brand

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the power of the selfie for boosting your brand

the power of the selfie for boosting your brand

For years I steered clear of selfies as something that belonged in the realm of duck faced teens posing for photo after photo to get the perfect shot to impress their duck faced friends. (What is it with duck face? Why? Is it just me?) Anyway, I had been missing out on a great deal of branding gold. But no more! Selfies are in! Selfies can boost your brand.

A selfie can boost your brand in a way that stock images or even professionally taken photos really can’t. A selfie is raw, of the moment sharing that can communicate a story, your personality, your interests and really get your audience to understand and respond to your message.

So here is some selfie love (not of the dodgy kind!!) with …

5 reasons you should be using selfies as part of your branding.

  1. Know Like and Trust

For personal brands, where the know, trust and like factor is key, selfies are brilliant for showing the real you. The real you that rocks up to work (the desk in your bedroom) in sweats and a cosy jumper because it is freezing outside. The real you who is juggling the kids pack lunches as well as trying to plan out your next online course. The real you who they can relate to, see their own struggles, see themselves working with you.

Of course, this does require a certain amount of unfiltered selfieness, which can seem to go against the whole ‘must look professional at all times’ thing. But by mixing more formal branded photos with off the cuff selfies, you are much more likely to build strong relationships with your audience. Your character is central to your personal brand and should be celebrated – with or without makeup!

  1. Your products in action

Selfies don’t have to be all about you. They can be equally helpful in building the brands of product based businesses. People are more likely to build relationships with brands with a face they know like and trust. Ok, so maybe your products are the queens of your business, but showing image after perfectly styled image of your product doesn’t let your customer see your product in action. Even the best photoshoot showing your product being used isn’t as socially powerful as a simple raw, ‘hey, look at this’ selfie shot.

People like to know the face behind the brand. They like to know your story or the story of your team. So get selfie-ing and share your excitement about your products, how they make you feel, how you use them, how you create them. Tell the story, it is a huge part of your brand.

  1. Your customers’ selfies

Your brand selfies don’t have to be your selfies! Many of the larger companies are tapping into the power of social media through their customer’s selfies. Of course, the larger the company the harder it can be to put a face to a brand, although some have the enormous budget to invest in celebrity advertising or actively court celebrity or influencer endorsement. So one way they are creating a community and keeping their brand ‘real’ is to encourage their customers to share their selfies using their products.

You can start a similar conversation with your customers. Start a competition with selfies as an entry. Create a challenge that encourages social proof. Award your customers for the best selfie with your product or on site. Share selfies of yourself to communicate and interact with your audience. Encourage them to join the selfie party!

  1. Start a story

Branding is all about creating a story about your business. Whether you are telling that story through the colours you use, or the special symbols in your logo, or even the shapes in the fonts you use, everything comes together to tell the story of your brand. Selfies can really boost the background to that story. They can add character, personality and real life to your business. They can embed your brand into your customers world.

Give people a glimpse behind the scenes – what makes your business tick, why you do what you do, the history of your brand, the everyday, show people what is happening.

  1. Trendy

Whether we like it or not, selfies are a HUGE part of how people use social media. Your brand needs to be a part of that trend and part of the conversation. A selfie could allow your brand to piggyback onto trending topics in a way that a more formal image just can’t.

Kat Reynolds
Kat Reynolds


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