How to create value out of nothing

Yep, you heard right. Nothing sells, and nothing adds value.

I’m talking about space. Precious white, blank, unfilled, uncluttered space. You’ve probably heard the phrase less is more, but when it comes to branding and design this certainly holds true.

When I talk about well-designed print and websites I focus on how well they sell and how much value they lend to the products or services on offer. I’m sure you’ve wandered around a busy overstocked store wondering whether they sell what you want, or maybe you forget why you went in there in the first place.

Take the pound shops for example, the shelves are loaded with everything you could possibly imagine, but maybe nothing you would necessarily desire. These shops successfully sell on price, stack it high, sell it cheap, fill your boots. And that’s great if your Ideal Customer is looking for a bargain … and can congratulate themselves for finding it amongst the rubble.

But if you really want to add value, you need to give your products and services some space. Your flyer, banner, business card or website page is your shop window. Don’t clutter it up with too much information, add value by giving it some of that precious space. Look at designer clothing stores, the ones with the echoy wooden floors and one on trend piece dominating the centre of the shop. Doesn’t that dress look more valuable just because of the way it is displayed?

special-t-shirtSpace on the high street is expensive, but space on your website or on your printed material isn’t. Focus your visuals down to one product, one benefit  or one feeling your customer will get if they buy from you, and give that feeling some space. Create value out of nothing.


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