How to overhaul your website without throwing it out the window

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My website has been out of action for 11 months! I haven’t looked at it, updated it, or changed it, let alone checked that it was doing anything for me or my business in all that time. There, I said it, I’m a website abandoner. Oh for shame!

Of course, my story over the past year has been a little different to the usual. In fact, it has been turned upside down! Life happened and my daughter has not been in school for an entire year, with the end to our family woes not even near in sight.

As a fellow (female) entrepreneur, I’m sure you recognise that life can swallow up our well-meaning business intentions. As mums, daughters and friends, we can find ourselves derailed by having to focus on being the best mum, daughter or friend we can be. Business can and sometimes is expected to take a back seat.

So I am truly sorry website. You have been unloved and forgotten L But do not weep into your well coded hardware, there is hope on the horizon – I pledge you a revamp. And we’ll start this week. BUT to stop website overwhelm (OH MY GOD, THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO! ITS AWFUL! I HATE IT! SHUT IT DOWN BEFORE SOMEBODY SEES IT!!!) I won’t be redesigning it or rewriting it or relaunching it. I’ll be tweaking and changing and just PAYING ATTENTION to it. Because people can tell when a website is loved and used rather than abandoned and forgotten. And a loved and used website is worth 10 times a beautiful abandoned website.

My quick website overhaul checklist (in 7 easy steps)

  1. Home page overhaul

Is it obvious what this website is about?
Is it obvious where I want to guide people to click next?
Is it obvious what products I sell?

  1. Navigation overhaul

Is the menu as simple as I can make it?
Do all the page names make sense?
Is it REALLY easy to find what I am selling?
Does it look silly on mobile phones?
Do all the links work!!!

  1. Branding overhaul

Who does this website need to talk to?
Do the images do this well?
Does the text do this well?
Am I using the right words for these people?

  1. All about me overhaul

Does the website still reflect who I am and my experience?
Have I included the most recent testimonials / evidence / my experience?
Is it easy for people to contact me?

  1. All in the details overhaul

Is it tidy – all images, fonts, sections lining up as they should?
Is it tidy on all devices (get out that iphone and check it works on there too!)
Is it updated – update those plugins / addons / doodahs (that isn’t a thing)

  1. Get yourself seen overhaul

Actually login to Google Analytics and find out if people are visiting your website and how they are finding you!
Make sure all images have alt tags (words that describe the image so search engines know what they are)
Make sure each page is relevant and interesting and uses the kinds of words your customers use.
Fill out the on-page and on-post SEO plugin prompts (I use Yoast SEO)

  1. Listbuilding overhaul

Are your listbuilding freebies still relevant?
Is it easy to find your freebies?
Is it easy to sign up for your freebies?
Do your freebie sign up links WORK!

But even before all my ducks are lined up and my widgets are all unwonked, I will be sending people to my website. Because a loved website is also a visited website. It doesn’t want to be a perfect website, just an active one.

So I pledge you this website of mine, my first blog post in way too long. The first of many.

Kat x

Kat Reynolds
Kat Reynolds


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