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As entrepreneurs we tend to live, breathe and dream about our business. It may seem a bit sad to outsiders who say, ‘all you ever do is work’, but to us, it isn’t work, it’s fun, it’s what juices us and gets us jumping up and down with excitement.

And this is what makes our businesses fly! We have those dreams and can act them out because we just LOVE it.

I work with female entrepreneurs (and yes, that is you, even if you call yourself a freelancer or a small business owner or even just label yourself as self-employed) because I find their vitality contagious. I love helping them to develop their brands to be just as exciting and colourful as their business ideas are. And I love that there are no limits.

But there is a fine balance to designing a brand that the business owner thinks they should have and a brand that communicates the right message to their ideal customer.

It’s just so easy to fall into the corporate message trap

Years ago I worked as a Marketing Manager in a very corporate style business. The typical setup, big bosses with big mouths at the top, a lot of very disgruntled office people squashed into their assigned boxes below that, and the shop floor, nicely lumped together as a job lot.

It was decided, at one dull and frustrating business meeting, that we needed to energise the workforce and shout about our newly minted core message. And, as the only representative of a tiny marketing department, it fell to me to push this new message on both our fellow employees and our customers.

But what it boiled down to in the end was, it was just words.

From then on, all employees were sat down in front of a video that told them that they were passionate. That they automatically shared the company’s core values before they even learnt what widget they would be making down on the shop floor or what products they would be helping with in customer services.

True passion is born out of love

As any romance will show you, you can’t fake it, or not for very long. Customers can see right through it. How many companies say that they are leaders in, or passionate about, or innovators in? It just loses its meaning.

Unless you’re Meg Ryan perhaps…

[youtube url=”” width=”440″]

When I work with my clients on their brand I try to distill that ‘passion’ and energy that shows that they truly love what they do. We don’t need to state that we love it, that we are dedicated or that we are the leaders.

My client’s brands are unique to them, to their true mission and sing with vitality and personality. And the more of the person that is reflected in their branding, the more powerful the marketing message and the more ideal customers will connect and buy from them. We work with who we love to work with and it shows.

So don’t try and compete with other businesses, don’t say your company is the leader in or the  most successful. Just share your true love of what you do and create a business that shows everybody what you are all about.

(as you can see, I’m very passionate about my business 😉 )




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