Is mixed message branding losing you money?

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Am I an Elezard or a Lizephant?

Is mixed message branding letting your business down? Are your customers absolutely sure of what you are offering and what you stand for or are you a little bit confused yourself?

Treat your brand like you would a loveable boyfriend.

Sara had been dating Mike for ages. He loved to hang out with her and they spent many happy hours together, sharing hobbies and having fun with friends. They’d been through some rough patches, but Henry had stayed with her through thick and thin and even after the first throes of passion had abated they still found each other very attractive.

But then, Sara noticed Tony. He hang out at bars that Mike never went to and was the  very picture of a tall dark handsome stranger. So Sara gradually started to go out to the same bars. She started to dress differently and tried to change her attitude to fit in with her new friends. She still wanted to come home to good old dependable Mike, but she wanted something new and exotic in her life.

What happened next? Did she win Tony, did she lose Mike? Actually, she lost both. Mike suddenly realised that he didn’t know his girlfriend anymore and actually stopped being attracted to her and Tony thought she was a bit of a phoney and waltzed off into the sunset with one of her friends who was more up his street

The moral of this story … stay true to who you are. Your loyal customers are the life blood of your business, they have bought from you time and time again and they love what you do. Don’t go running after those exotic new customers, especially if they aren’t the sort of customers that you have been marketing to, without considering how this will affect your loyal base.

Your brand is more than a logo. Your loyal customers have bought into the way your business does things, its attitude and the way it talks and dresses. Have a think about what your brand stands for. What do your customers love about your business and how is this communicated to them?

Are you a fun loving creative business that offers customers something new? Then use fun colours, creative fonts and bubbly language that challenge your ideal customer to discover and explore. Use unusual buttons and inventive titles to make your target audience curious and delight them with something different.

Are you a caring business that offers understated professionalism and attention to detail? Then use calm colours, standard fonts and simple, easy to understand language that creates a sense of familiarity and warmth. Arrange your communications and website so that it is easy to navigate, with clear but non-invasive calls to action.

But do it consistently.

Have a little look at your website. Are all your pages telling the same story? Are you using the same fonts and colours throughout? (don’t be tempted to highlight in red, if it’s not one of your brand colours) Are your images all saying the same things about your brand?

Have a look at your social media pages, Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest, even your newsletters. What’s the story there? Are you appealing to the same people, using the same language, colours and images?

There are so many opportunities to build our brands up from more than just a list of products and services. Each touch you make with an existing or new customer adds to their emotional attachment with your brand. And the stronger your brand message, the more loyal your customers will be and the more sales you will make.



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