Make Your 2016 Dreams Come True with Fabulous New Year Branding

New Year Branding Dreams

Business owners spend on average three whole months preparing for the Christmas rush. It doesn’t matter if you sell products or services, Christmas mania is something you just can’t avoid. Christmas campaigns can be fantastic for boosting sales and not just for retail, but BtoB businesses see a huge rise in sales in the run up to the holidays.

The only problem is that the start of the New Year, after everybody has overindulged and come back from a week of (well deserved) lazing around after eating too much turkey and watching old films on tv, can seem pretty lacklustre.

Cue – the planner

It seems that each year more entrepreneurs are releasing a planner to help you over the Christmas bump and launch into the New Year with focus and vim. Which is great … BUT can leave you with the feeling that you have filled in your planner, done the work, laid the foundations and can now forget about it over the holidays.

Your well laid plans MUST be followed by action and updating your new year branding is a huge part of this. Nothing signals a leap into the new year with a new lease of life than new visuals. Nothing will show your well laid out plans better than a fresh face and polished, well thought out, scrummily spot on new year branding.

So don’t come to market in 2016 with a whimper, make sure you bounce into the New Year with a super special regenerative campaign to get your customers to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions.

Spend some time during the holidays to have a good look at your brand. Are you sending out the right messages to your ideal customer? Is your brand consistent across social media, websites and printed materials? No? Then this is a great time to get it all sorted.

New Year Branding DreamsTops Tips to Rockin’ your New Year Branding

Now is the time to spruce your business up ready for the New Year so here are some top tips to let your crowd know that this year is YOUR YEAR and you really mean to ROCK YOUR BIZ (with stars and many exclamation marks!!!)

Grab that planner and add on your notes on the visual impact your plans will have on your branding.

Want to double your income in the coming year – how will you look the part?

Will your brand need some tweaking to represent your new big, bold and successful business? If your branding is looking homemade or tired and unloved, it can stop you from taking your business to the next level.

[bctt tweet=”Successful businesses LOOK successful. “]

The last thing you want is for your visual branding to hold you back as you reach for the stars. Updating and looking after your visuals can sky rocket your reputation before you have even put your new year plans into action. If your business looks the best, you will be able to charge more, sell more and achieve your income goals – because ‘you’re worth it’ (hair swish)


Want to launch new products – does your present branding help to sell them or hinder your growth?

Businesses change very quickly these days. I’m sure you have grand plans for new shiny offerings in 2016 but have you considered how they sit within your main brand.

One of my lovely one to one clients has recently taken the plunge and moved away from her old brand, even her old brand name, and reinvented her business under a more flexible new title, with fabulous new graphics, new colours, new photos, new approach – THE LOT. She has done it with her ideal customer in mind as her product ideas developed and as her crowd moved forwards. The opportunities were there and she is grabbing them with both hands (all with be revealed in 2016 – promise!)

If she had stayed with her old brand, she would have been restricted, she wouldn’t have been able to expand her business and if she had launched her simply wonderful ideas under her old branding, she would have only appealed to her present crowd who love what she does but not brought in the new people a business desperately needs to grow.

So she took a deep breath and leapt. And the results? Watch this space – it is all very exciting!


Want to focus your business on another niche – will your present branding speak to them?

Time spent considering your ideal customer is never wasted. Even more so when you consider that it takes just seconds for new people to your business to make that decision of whether yours in the business for them or move on. Yikes!

Once you have worked out exactly who you will be targeting in the New Year, it is time to make sure that your New Year branding will appeal to them and draw them in. Big businesses spend the big bucks on customer research, so you don’t have to.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by jumping on social media. You may already have a few of your new ideal customers lurking in your list or if you are new to the business maybe some of your friends or their friends fit the bill. Look them up on Pinterest, Instagram or even Facebook and see who they are following, what they are pinning, what they ‘like’, what gets them involved and talking. See any patterns? You can create something unique to your business by using imagery, colours and patterns that your ideal customer has already bought in to. Give them the ‘wow, this is made for me’ moment in 2016.

From this you can start to build up a picture of what will make them feel right at home with your business. And if your present branding doesn’t quite cut it, don’t ignore the problem, sometimes a few little tweaks to colours, layout, fonts or spacing can make the world of difference.


Want to play in the big kids’ sandpit in 2016 – will your business just be another noise in the crowd?

Yep, playing with the big kids can be scary but you can’t afford to hide away. Leap in, show off and create an impression right from the start.

BIG branding doesn’t have to cost the earth but it can make a BIG impact and place your business right at the top. This year I have seen many new to the game ‘business and life coaches’ launch on the scene with top notch sparkly new brands and whizzy new sales sites. This has been the year of ‘I made a six figure business in one year’ and don’t their brands just show it. Would they sell as many places on their courses if they looked homemade? No.

Now is the time to get your New Year branding spruced up and ready for the big time. Investing in new graphics and upgrading your social media and even your website will go a long way to helping you achieve your dreams.


Want this year to be YOUR YEAR – what will you be doing differently with your visuals?

Part of your planning for next year should be looking back on what was super and what didn’t work for your business last year. Brand wise, this could be anything from consistent social media to whether your website is working hard for you.

Social media – same brand messages on your banners, in your graphics, on your page and in groups?

Logo – used across all media in the same way?

Graphics and photos – same sort of theme? Do they feel disjointed or are they sending out the same message about your brand?

Fonts and colours – are you using these consistently throughout your marketing or are they a bit higgledy piggledy?

Website – Is every page selling for you? What is the point of each page – what does it need to achieve for your business? What route are visitors to your website taking – are they bouncing off straight away to go and explore elsewhere or are they staying and moving through a funnel to buy or sign up on your website?

And finally – does your branding feel right to you? If you are embarrassed or apologetic about your logo, your website or your social media presence then it may be time to invest in an upgrade. A stale brand can suck the life out of a business and dampen your dreams for growth.


Whatever you dream for 2016, don’t let it fade, decorate it in glorious technicolor, shout out your plans from the rooftops and may your year be absolutely fabulous!

Kat x



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