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Imagine this…

You are a confident woman striding down a London town street swinging your designer handbag and dressed to impress. You give off an air of happiness and contentment, secure in who you are. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to throw together an outfit like that?

Or this…

You are laughing and talking on your iphone and sitting behind your laptop. You look relaxed and are having fun. The room you are in is beautiful and light, with gorgeous stationary laid out, neatly arranged shelving, perfectly placed and all organised. The office is designed in beautiful pastel colours and suits you down to the ground. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to work in such a relaxed environment, wouldn’t you get so much more done and wouldn’t it be great if you could have everything sorted out for you?

Or this…

You are smiling dreamily, looking relaxed and happy with not a care in the world. Beautiful objects surround you, all in deep rich and calming colours – massage stones on your back, gentle hands massaging your scalp, incense drifting into the air. Isn’t it about time you took some time out for yourself?

Are you still with me?

I can paint a picture with words (as long as my customers read them all) but nothing quite has the impact to generate an instant impression and create associations than a visual.


Colours, images and juxtapositions can draw your ideal customer in and even give them a little taste of the results your products, services or expertise can give them. You can show your ideal customer how they will feel, how their life will be better and what changes they can make with your expertise to guide them. Persuasive stuff!

But I can never find a picture that sums all that up!

True – you are unlikely to find the perfect image that does everything for your business.

But this month in the Be Your Own Business Beautician Club I will be talking moodboards

– a really easy way to set the scene and show the sort results you can offer your ideal customer. You can create the perfect image that sums up your offer yourself! And moodboards can be used throughout your marketing – post them on your Facebook page, link in Twitter, pin in Pinterest, use at the centre of your blog, in your headers, on your newsletter and even in your ads.

To help you get the look, this month’s Be Your Own Business Beautician club module is packed full of easy step by step tutorials to take you through creating your moodboard from scratch using simple online design tools and pre-set templates. You can also get inspiration from the other club members in the exclusive Facebook group and I will always be on hand if you get stuck.

It’s only £9.99 a month and you can cancel at any time – so give it a go! Find out more here

But in case you aren’t quite ready to join the club, here are 3 quick overviews of the types of moodboards you can create and a few bite sized ideas to inspire you:

  1. The Grid Moodboard

This is the easiest moodboard to put together. Have a look in Canva for some useful grid templates, drop your photos into each little section and you’re ready to go. No cropping, worries about overlapping and no layout issues.


  1. The Inspirational Image Moodboard

First pick an image that sets the scene. A beautiful view, the perfectly designed room, waves lapping against the shore, a close up of a beautiful woman. Next, pick out images or text inspired by this image – similar colours, shapes, patterns or the elements that make up your service to get that result. Arrange them together, keeping the inspirational image as the main focus of the moodboard.


  1. The Collection Moodboard

This moodboard is great if you sell products or work as a stylist as you can mix and match your offer and show your expertise in creating a look. Pick a few strong products and group together. Build an outfit complete with accessories, group together some gorgeous pieces for your ideal customer’s home,

Upseller’s heaven!

Have fun!

Kat x



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