New Year Branding

Do you find that Christmas takes over your life at this time of year?

Business owners spend on average three whole months preparing for the Christmas rush. It doesn’t matter if you sell products or services, Christmas mania is something you just can’t avoid.  Christmas campaigns can be fantastic for boosting sales and not just for retail, but BtoB businesses see a huge rise in sales in the run up to the holidays.

The only problem is that the start of the New Year, after everybody has eaten too much and come back from a week of lazing around after eating too much turkey and watching old films on tv, can seem pretty lacklustre. So don’t come to market in 2014 with a wimper, make sure you jump into the New Year with a regenerative campaign to get your customers to fulfil their New Year’s resolutions.


Now is the time to spruce your business up for the New Year

Here are some top tips to get your New Year off with a bang

  • Spend some time during the holidays to have a good look at your brand. Are you sending out the right messages to your ideal customer? Is your brand consistent across social media, websites and printed materials? No? Then this is a great time to get it all sorted.
  • Have a look at your website. Is every page selling for you? Have you included a call to action on each page? Use Google analytics to see what path your customers are taking through your website. Where are they dropping off and how can you get them to interact more with your site?
  • Fancy a change? Are you thinking of niching further in 2014? Then don’t rely on the same branding. A small tweak can make a big difference. Write down a description of your ideal customer, where do they shop, what do they buy, what do they read and watch on tv?

Your new brand look needs to tap into these powerful influences. Big businesses spend the big bucks on customer research, so you don’t have to. Grab a few screenshots of your customer’s favourite sites, tear pictures out of their favourite magazines (after you’ve bought them, obviously) and search google images for the products they buy to wear and to decorate their homes. See any patterns? You can create something unique to your business by using imagery, colours and patterns that your ideal customer has already bought in to. Give them the ‘wow, this is made for me’ moment in 2014.

Learn more about creating a brand that wows and a website that sells. Join the zero to website hero course and sort your online business out over the Christmas break. Find out more


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