How to create a best-selling super dooper online product

Do you have the curse of knowledge?

It’s hard to know where to start when building an online business. There are SO many ways in which you help people every single day and breaking them down into separate online offers can seem impossible. Where to start?! They have SO many different problems? What you know is SO complicated – how can you possibly make it easy for people to use, without your help, online!! Why will people you have never met want to buy an online product from you? How can you make them understand why and how you can help them …. Argh!!!


It can be really hard to remember what it’s like for people starting out. It’s hard to peel away the layers and layers of knowledge built up over the years and go back to the very start of things when you gained that first ah-ha moment. What was it that sparked off your journey, what was it that sucked you into learning more and getting better and better at it and loving every moment of the adventure?

As a designer and techie geek I found it very hard to go back to the beginning and just remember what I struggled with to start with. I kept thinking they will need to know EVERYTHING I know. I kept chucking as much information as I could at them so they could start to get the results I was getting.

But they just ended up confused.

They didn’t want to do what I do. They just wanted to get a result, stop struggling with just one thing and start their design journey.

I do remember as a lowly marketing assistant, back when I first started work, being tasked with creating an ad from scratch, myself and with no training. Eek! I think I spent a whole half day just finding out how to place one image on top of another. I googled it, but I didn’t know what terminology to use – what is a layer, a transparency, a jpg, a eps path or a tiff file anyway? I asked around the office and eventually got help from somebody in the Engineering room who happened to like photography who started me off on the right track with an, ‘oh, you mean you want to give it a transparent background’. Apparently I did.

I managed to google the right thing. Layered one image on top of another and proudly sent my little advert off to print. Hooray!

I still find it hard to distill all the easy-to-me design expertise down to the very beginning of it, but when I do, this is the most simple and the most helpful, the most ground-breaking stuff for my crowd. And just like me, some of them are now hooked.

So where does the journey start for your clients?

What are they struggling with and what is the one (might be ever so simple to you) thing that will get them started on the right track?

One of the best ways to find out what rocks your client’s boat is to ask. Create a survey, pose simple questions on social media and ask some of your one to one clients – what was the one thing that really sparked it all off for them? What has most impressed them? When did they realise that, hey, this works for me?

I release a survey every year for both existing and new peeps to make sure that the online classes and courses I offer are just the right level for my audience. It’s so important to know that you are giving them the result they need at that stage. I am always surprised by the answers – their problems are ALWAYS a lot simpler than I think they are going to be.

To start to gauge the level of your online classes, try these sorts of questions out on your existing crowd…

  • What was the ONE thing that really made a difference for you?
  • What is the best result of our classes / sessions?
  • If you were telling a friend about my classes / sessions, how would you describe them?
  • What did you learn about yourself when working with me?
  • What are you still struggling with?
  • Why did you want to work with me?

You can give them options to choose from or let them give their own answer, but make sure you leave at least one question open as that is often the most revealing. You’ll end up with a really helpful list of ideas for classes, audios, blogs, freebies and even courses that will form the basis for your online product plan.

Take each idea and brainstorm everything around it, simplifying as you go. Each product, each class and course should address these problems and get a great result for your crowd. Focus on that one result and cross out everything that isn’t absolutely necessary.

Once you’ve done this you will have a vivid and accurate idea of exactly what you are brilliant at and exactly how you can apply that to solve individual problems for your crowd. I promise, they will love it and so, they will buy.

Getting the offer right is the difference between a big winning, life-changing, success pumping online business and a washed out, could have done better series of classes.

Put yourself in your client’s shoes and create an offer that they won’t be able to resist.



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