Are you procrastibranding?

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Procrastibranding! I love this word, it so totally sums up the predicament many business owners get themselves tangled up in.

Oh dear the Business Beautician fairy is procrastibranding again

I can’t take credit for the word, I first heard the word procrastibranding when listening to Denise Duffield Thomas ( describing how she avoided taking action in her business by branding everything – including a swimming cossie, cushions and throws!

Are you a master procrastibrander?

If you are surrounded by a ton of business branded stuff that only you and your mum ever see, then you are a master procrastibrander. Or if you have just spent the last few months deciding on your new logo or created a website a year ago but haven’t actually published it because ‘it isn’t finished’, then your procrastibranding is stopping you from moving forward with your business.

It’s difficult being an entrepreneur. We really care about our business babies and want to do everything properly to give them the best chance of success. Unfortunately this perfectionism often turns into wasted time, energy and money as we strive to do the very best for each and every part of our business. But I have to tell you straight … this isn’t possible. And actually, this isn’t even important.

What is important is getting out there!

Showing off your business and helping people to buy from you. After all, that is why you are in business. Creating a logo you love or a room full of beautifully branded whatsits might make you super proud of your business baby and make you feel more successful (who wouldn’t want a gorgeously branded ipad cover with matching notebook and pens in your own branding) BUT they don’t bring in the money and that is what it is all about.

Now, before you shout – BUT GOOD IMPRESSIONS ARE EVERYTHING! I know, you need to look good and the better your business branding looks, the more trust you will build with your audience. BUT there is no point looking like the bees knees if nobody knows about you. So get that logo finished fast. Press the publish button on your website. Resist the urge to decorate every surface in your office / kitchen / corner of the bedroom with things your business does not need. And start investing time in the things that make your business run.

Remember, you can always come back and re-do these things later.

Brands change. Websites are constantly updated and even your logo might move on as your business’ needs develop.

Get out there and HAVE FUN!

Kat ❤❤

Kat Reynolds
Kat Reynolds


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