43 Profitable Website Fixes Ebook


43 easy ways you can increase website sales, traffic, leads and brand awareness.



Make these profitable website fixes to increase website sales

A website that is doing its job properly will be;
• earning you money,
• getting you leads, and
• increasing your customer’s awareness of what you are all about.

If it’s not doing that for your business, then you may as well not have a website. Ooh, harsh!

We’ve all visited ‘bad’ websites. The ones where it hurts your eyes to look at them, where the copy is so boring that your brain has clicked away before your mouse finger did and where you’ve spent a stupid amount of the time trying to buy from a site with every obstacle thrown in your path causing you to give up and buy it off amazon just because it’s easier.

Nobody wants a website like that! But we just don’t get told what a website needs to be profitable – to actively get leads, make sales, build customer relationships. This is why I put together this e-book 43 Profitable Website Tips to help business owners increase website sales and create a kick-arse profitable website that will be a fantastic marketing tool for their business and not just an expensive business card.

You might be able to tick some right off the to-do list and some might take a little while to get results, but make these changes one by one and you’ll start hitting those website goals in no time.


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