Build a WordPress Website for Beginners Course




So you know your business needs a website to grow

But you’ve been putting it off, talking about getting a new website built but not making the leap. It just feels too complicated, too expensive and too much of a big decision.

Do you go to a design agency, get a freelance designer or do it yourself? Do you look at Joomla, Blogger or WordPress? And how much is this all going to cost you anyway? Where do you even start?

ARGH! Does this sound familiar?

Let’s get you unstuck and get your website sorted out.
Learn how to build a wordpress website yourself in just 1 hour!

You’ll learn on this beginners step by step WordPress website tutorial 60 minute class:

  • How to set up your hosting account (the space on the internet where your website will sit) This will cost you from £2.36 per month and you can sign up for 1 to 3 years
  • How to buy and assign a domain name (the name of your website) This often comes free with hosting
  • How to set up WordPress
  • How to upload a theme (an easy way to make your website look as if professionals have done it)
  • How to customise your theme to suit your brand
  • A quick and easy design tutorial to make your website header your own, even if you haven’t got a logo yet
  • How to install the right plugins to make your website even more whizzy (plugins are like handy apps that plug into your website to add extra functions)
  • How to create pages, pictures and menus
  • How to set up your blog and add posts
  • How to add a contact form
  • How to add a simple sign up form

You’ll leave the class with everything you need to build your first WordPress website, from scratch!

So stop talking about it, let’s get it done, get it out there and you can start growing your business!


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