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Entrepreneurial-Expat branding, website design with membership and ecommerce

Catarina offers advice and support for entrepreneurial ladies living in a new country, often because their partner is moving around for work. It is a new and very niche area to work in so we needed to come up with something that really appealed to her ideal customer and well as showing Catarina’s own character and experience.


Project Details

Client Catarina Brandao from Entrepreneurial Expat
Date Ongoing. Website design Oct 2014
Skills Branding, Web Design, Illustration
View www.entrepreneurial-expat.com

Designing for the audience

As a new business in an untapped market Catarina really wanted to create a community of ladies in the same position – who are raring to set up their own business but are moving from place to place and faced with all the problems a new city, never mind a new country can bring.

We created a stunning header containing some of the most famous landmarks from around the world to show that it doesn’t matter where you are now, your business  and this community will always be there for you. The vibrant colours create a beautiful but strangely alien cityscape backdrop to a website full of inspiration.

Elegant styling

The striking dark blue and gold theme was repeated throughout the Entrepreneurial-Expat marketing materials, from business cards to social media headers and newsletters.

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