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Lyndsey Whiteside

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Branding, Illustration and Web Design with Ecommerce and Membership

Lyndsey offers a range of PR and personal coaching packages to help female entrepreneurs to stand in the spotlight, become a media stars, attract customers, launch PR campaigns or to be one of a select group of business owners who have their media managed for them.

Lyndsey brings out the star qualities of female entrepreneurs so that they can be themselves and SHINE in business and in their life so she needed a website that reflected the wonderful sparkle and star quality of the polished result.

From logo to final website, her brand now shines with bouncy confidence and character.


Project Details

Client Lyndsey Whiteside
Date July 2014
Skills Branding, Web Design, Illustration
View www.lyndseywhiteside.com


I really wanted to capture the irresistible joy that radiates out of Lyndsey. I used gorgeous gold and a luscious deep red carpet red to show the special VIP feeling her audience are looking for. The font is decadent and swirly and glamorously girly set against glitter, stars and lighting effects to generate some serious superstar excitement in her packages.

Lyndsey’s lovely avatar sums her up to a tea. That wonderful smile just beams confidence, happiness and success. And who wouldn’t want that?!

Matching happiness

Lyndsey’s brand got the full do, from logo to her ebook and every little itty bit of her website. Gorgeous inside and out!

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