Rebranding your business? When, why and how

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Is it time to rebrand?

Is it time to rebrand?What do you do if your brand just feels ‘wrong’? Is now a good time to think about rebranding your business?

When you first set up in business the pressure is on to just get it out there, get it done and start earning money. And not many of us get to start will a big pot of money in the bank to invest in our new enterprise so branding gets left WAY down at the bottom of the list. It’s easily done.

Often the first thing entrepreneurs think they need is the logo. So the poor little logo has a lot of pressure to say EVERYTHING about the business. As a graphic designer, I often get a design brief that sounds like this, ‘it’s got to be friendly, professional , international, for women age 30 ish, from London, interested in dogs, cats, elephants and tea parties on the moon. Oh yes, and it needs to have the WOW factor!’

er……No wonder first logos can be confusing.

But as your business grows (which it will, I promise), that initial brand that did a great job of getting you off the starting line, can start to hold your business back. This is the time to consider rebranding your business.

As your business develops, your brand character WILL change. Your business will start to mean something else to people. Your business will start to mean something else to you. Your reputation will grow and change, your experience of your market will flourish, you’ll be more focused and have different goals. That little logo will start to inhibit those wonderful plans and business ideas that come only from experience. Time for a change!

Case Study

Rebranding your business. The transformation of a brand from ‘meh’ to ‘WOW’

Back in 2015 my client Emma Holmes set herself a challenge – to build a 100k business in one year. With little more than her own experience of managing fantastic product launches, a packed contact book and a couple of hundred pounds to get the ball rolling, Emma set out to prove it could be done and help other entrepreneurs achieve that ‘OMG, I really did it moment’.

The Launch Queen was born – 12 months, 1 mission!

Did she do it? OH YES! and then some, but as the last few months of 2015 ticked by, The Launch Queen started to feel a bit stale to her. The brand she had built up to earning her that 100k had done its job, but was now holding her back. Her visual branding, and even the brand name, just wasn’t reflecting the growth of the business or embracing the new product ideas inspired by her ever growing following.

So she took the leap, gave me a call and decided to rebrand (gulp). We released her brand new sparkly business, Coaching Rockstars with Emma Holmes, into the wild in Jan 2016 with the new name, new look, new logos, colours, imagery, more character and tons of content that completely summed up what Emma’s coaching is all about, how she teaches and her target market.

You might be tempted to shout ‘are you mad – you’re throwing a 100k business away!’ and it was a scary thing to do at the time but Emma knew that unless she stopped hiding behind The Launch Queen brand, her business wouldn’t grow and may start to fizzle out. So together, we set out to design a visual brand that SHOUTED Emma’s brand message and would support her BIG BIG plans for next few years.

And so far she hasn’t missed a beat, her business is continuing to grow, her followers and fans LOVE her new branding and she has been able to finally release those FAB new products she’s been thinking about for months to the right crowd at the right time. YAY!

The Launch Queen

Coaching Rockstars

brand message

Helping small business owners to launch online products and services (like they really mean it!), to learn to launch in a successful way and make their business work, make more money & do it all on their terms!

brand message

Helping coaches develop ridiculously big businesses, take on their own Coaching Rockstar persona, gather crowds of raving fans, build a list and make a difference and make money whilst doing it.


Launch Queen logo

Designed by Jakenna Designs

The Launch Queen logo was all about the bling and making money. The little gold stars and twinkles were repeated through all her marketing. The swirly lettering mixed in with a bit of traditional was both girly and authoritative (queenly) and really appealed to her target market of female entrepreneurs looking to launch their brand new products and make lots of money quickly.



coaching rockstars words logo colour

Coaching Rockstars needed to be FAR louder, more quirky and more in line with Emma’s no-nonsense go get it personality. We wanted her new logo to be unique to her brand and show a northern honesty and straightforward attitude to getting things done.

I went for a really punchy, rock styled font matched with a friendly rounded and hand drawn font in bold and bright contrasting colours with a few girly decorations to appeal to her target market. No sitting on the fence with this one – this logo means business!


Fonts and Colours

The traditional Cinzel font based on classic proportions for titles (often in colour).

Emma also used a wide range of swirly fonts to mimic the one in her logo in her marketing, although new products were designed up professionally to look like the main logo.

As Emma built the brand she started to use more quirky images in her marketing which was her through and through but having only really had a logo designed up at the beginning, different styles and colours were beginning to creep in by the end of the year and it was all feeling a bit confusing.



Creating a style guide for Coaching Rockstars

We created a style guide with lots of choice of fonts and colours for Emma to play with, all based around the rockstyle fonts and colours in the logo.

style guidelines



launch queen header

As with most start ups, Emma learned how to do build her own website, got it going, designed it up and ran a very successful business from it, thank you very much. But it never felt as if it matched her ambitions for the business and half way through the year I came on board to give it some professional TLC.

Taking the original logo and the messaging for The Launch Queen we developed a look for the website that had the bling, the girliness and incorporated the quirkiness of Emma’s own choice of images in her marketing. A bit of reshuffling of products, adverts, menus and signups was needed as Emma’s business had moved SO far and we ended up with something that represented The Launch Queen at its most successful – yay!


The new Coaching Rockstars website

coaching rockstars header

What a difference!

The new website is designed with listbuilding in mind. It’s immediately clear what Coaching Rockstars is all about and visitors are guided through the site from landing to signing up for her amazing freebies, via the kick-ass content or the helpful where to start page.

We used a full screen, very modern look with HUGE photos (the lovely photos of Emma courtesy of ???), HUGE titles and HUGE colours for a HUGE presence. Each page oozes character and is direct and to the point with fab calls to action. This is a website to grab attention and get things done!

Check it out for yourself at (and sign up for one of her amazing freebies while you’re there)

Are you thinking your brand just isn’t doing it for you anymore? Are you thinking of a rebrand but scared of losing your hard won business? I’d love to know – join in the comments below…



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