Whether you are selling a shiny product that will revolutionise lives, an online service or course that will help and inspire or even just a new bathroom cleaner that will stop that horrid browny grout thing you need to SHOW your customers the dream (yes I do fantasise about not having to scrub my bathroom tiles)

You’ve prob heard the phrase show don’t tell’ and it is ever more important to learn how to do exactly that through powerful visuals as they need to SHOUT for you.

️Find images that ‘show don’t tell’ the results. 

  • Find images that show how your product will benefit your customers
  • ️Show how it will change their lives
  • ️Show real people loving your product
  • ️Find images that evoke the same emotions your customers will feel when they buy your product

Not sure how to show your best side? 

Try my free branding quiz (click below) and get a style guide to help you get the right look to create the fantasy. 
Kat xx
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