Social media boost: 5 top photos you can take with your mobile phone

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Are you bored of the same old stock photos, but don’t have hours to spend trawling through myriads of different free and paid for photo websites?

I can spend ages searching for the right image, it sucks you in and before you know it, it is time to pick up the kids.

Sometimes, it’s just better to get it done yourself.

mobile phone pics

Smart phone cameras have now started to overtake the bulky instant camera we used to lug around in our handbags or, more often than not, left at home or forgot to charge. Which is good news for on the spot photo taking to capture the moment (most of my holiday photos were taken in the last day as we realised that, oh no, we haven’t taken any photos).

You can actually get a very good photo with your phone, perfect for social media and building up your visual content. Unlike your website, where photos should be professionally shot (no way to get around that one I’m afraid), your social media pages would actually benefit from more personal snaps.

To get you started, here are 5 top photos you can take with your mobile phone to boost your social media:

1. Using your product
For those of you with physical products, this one is priceless as it shows your products in action. Include some smiley ladies and you’ve got a social media winner.

• Dresses, handbags and shoes should be worn, tried on. Show that reaction and capture that happy pose
• Show the after effects of your service, hair or beauty treatments – you could even get a testimonial to use with it
• For virtual products – print out all your class or course materials and take a photo. It’ll all look even more impressive when it’s spread out on your kitchen table.

2. Behind the scenes
Snap the tools of your trade. If you make your own products, this can be a fascinating insight into your craft. Show your work in process, sketches, mind maps, walls covered in postits – it’s all fascinating (promise)

3. It’s your life!
Nothing says, ‘take a break’ like a cup of steaming coffee or a pretty cocktail for ‘party time’. Give your followers and fans a glimpse of you. Whether you’re into selfies or prefer to document your day and feelings with snaps of the objects around you, you will start to show the person behind the brand.

4. Backgrounds and textures
Sometimes you just need a picture of grass to put in the background of a meme. Don’t spend hours trawling the photo sites, go out in the garden and snap one yourself. Brick walls, interesting paving, wood, hedges, clouds or gravel all make great backdrops to your marketing.

5. Storytime
Tell a story.

• Take before and after photos to show the dramatic results
• Show the whole process from start to finish as a photo story – this is really good for ‘how to’ demos. I’ve seen nail decorating, hair styling and makeup demos done this way and they can be really eye catching.

AND… Invite your followers to share their photos
Up the interaction and get your fans involved. People love to share their experiences. You could even run a fun competition;

• How many post-its do you use when planning?
• The great shoe line up
• Most beautiful relaxing bathroom using your wonderful smellies

Try not to get hung up on the ‘but I can’t take good photos’ thing. Your fans will LOVE to see the real you and get involved. The personal wonky mobile phone shot can actually work to your advantage.

Have fun!
Kat x



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