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You’ve got a website, but it doesn’t DO anything for your growing business. No sales, no traffic, nada! Do you…

A. Pay a website designer & SEO expert to rebuild and manage your site
B. Become a better website owner – design, build and market your own website THE RIGHT WAY

If your answer is B then you are in just the right place!

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Go from website disaster to website master with the Ultimate DIY website building course for complete beginners, small businesses, shops and entrepreneurs.

(No techie experience necessary!)

STARTS Monday 5th July


Sorry, the doors to this summer intake are now closed

Your business needs to grow but you…

Have invested in a basic website that is sitting there doing sod all for your business. No traffic, no leads and certainly no sales.

Need to be in charge of your own website, and understand what’s going on under the hood so you can use it as the fantastic marketing tool it should be!

Have no idea how you can get your website found on Google, or how to even get started with picking apart the secrets of SEO. They may as well be guarded by a three-headed puma in a locked basement with no stairs.


Are frustrated with the technology and have often thought about throwing your computer in the bin when grappling with your website

Need a guide to creating a website that YOU can use as a profitable part of your marketing, so you know you are doing it the right way instead of guessing.

Haven’t got a clue how a website is meant to HELP with your marketing, instead of being a giant time and money sink.

...or You haven’t even got a website yet.

You’re waiting for the perfect time – when you’ve ‘made it’, when you have clients / sales / a list the size of a mountain to invest in web design.
But the reality is that without a website you are losing all that lovely Google search juice, you aren’t building up your online brand and boosting your other marketing streams, such as social media.

“‪I’ve just built my first website, from scratch!

I wanted to do it because I wanted the control and I wanted to understand how and why so I could update it and change it for myself. Luckily Katherine’s course came at just the right time and it’s with her fantastic lessons, advice, guidance and encouragement that I’ve been able to do a job I am really proud of.

Katherine is really knowledgeable but she also demystifies what can be quite a tricky subject. I felt that I was in safe hands throughout and trusted her implicitly. Her chatty and friendly presenting style was easy to listen to and I thought the way she arranged her training was easy to follow and understand.

I have done several of Katherine’s courses now and would not hesitate to recommend her or her services to anyone. She’s fab!”

Emma Gordon

Silver Clay School

“Thank you Katherine for creating the Online Gorgeous course. I had invested in getting a website created but it wasn’t a positive process, which left me with an incomplete website.

This course was the perfect cost effective way for me to create the website I wanted despite my limited tech knowledge.

The course was extremely easy to follow and I worked at my own pace. I had all my questions and queries answered via the supportive Facebook group. Open access to the course and Facebook group has provided me with the ongoing support I have needed as I have tweaked and expanded my site”.

Helen Owen

You have to be a tech genius to build a profitable website, right?

Building a profitable website is easy when you have a guide for each step of the way. This 9 module course will guide you through the exact same process I use myself when building my clients’ websites so that your website will be built the right way with your business vision, calls to action, list-building and SEO friendly page design built in from the start!

I have taught hundreds of non-techie business owners to design and build their own websites. I use drag and drop website builders that can look the bees knees without any coding or wrangling any complicated tech. Everything is step by step and made simple without jargon or fluffy bits. All good stuff.

But that SEO milarky will give me a headache, surely?

Can SEO look complicated and scary? OH YES! Just the thought of looking at stacks of stats can give me the heeby jeebies. BUT once you have learnt and applied some KEY SEO BASICS you have unlocked the door to Google success. From there, these are rinse and repeats skills that will continue to make your website WORK FOR YOUR BUSINESS AND BRING IN A PROFIT!!



website disaster to website master

A GREAT website is a marketing tool that will earn you money

I’ll show you how…

planning your customer journey

1. Your Business Roadmap

To build a profitable website you need to know where you want to go!
We’ll be exploring…

  • Your business targets
  • Website objectives
  • Your ideal customer
  • Your brand character
  • Your style
what are your customers searching for

2. Content Builder

We’ll find out exactly what your customers are searching for and how you can answer their questions
We’ll be exploring…

  • Tools for easy keyword research
  • How to find the best keywords
  • Building your brilliant keyword list
planning your customer journey

3. Customer Journey

Guide your customers through your website to make those sales!
We’ll be exploring…

  • Planning out your website structure
  • Sitemap design
  • Adding that SEO secret sauce
  • Crafty Calls to Action
WordPress Training

4. The Build

Now you have your plan in place it’s time to start getting the basic tech up and running. 
I’ll take you through step by easy step…

  • Hosting, domains and WordPress
  • The 5 essentials you need on your website
  • Themes and plugins
  • Setting up pages, menus and footers
web and brand consultancy

5. Make it Sticky

We’ll be deep diving into what makes a great webpage capture your customer’s attention
I’ll guide you through

  • Designing kick-arse page layouts
  • How to build pages in Divi (easy!)
  • Adding Calls to Action
  • Listbuilding
  • Creating a super sharable, explorable blog
write seo friendly copy

6. Get Found on Google

We’ll be using your fab keyword list from module 2 to …

  • Write Google-attracting, keyword-rich text
  • Write text that actually answers the questions your customers are searching for
  • Craft the perfect clickable text for that Google search page
  • Create a content marketing plan for your blog
creative web design for entrepreneurs

7. Get the Look Right

It’s time to brand it up!
As a creative designer I love this bit. I’ll share my designy secrets to…

  • Getting a professional website look with Divi
  • Creating the right visuals, colours and elements to guide your customer through the journey
  • Using Canva to design your graphics
  • Image optimisation
selling online and ecommerce

8. Selling!

If you plan to sell directly on your website, or even link through to sell on another platform, this module is for you.
I’ll guide you through…

  • How to set up a woocommerce shop
  • Designing your shop flow
  • Delivery and taxes (urgh)
  • Designing a long sales page
nurture and grow your website

9. Nurture and Growth

This is often forgotten in the excitement of a website build, but actually continuing to use your website is KEY
We’ll create a website marketing plan to take your business onwards and upwards

  • Share it! Links to social media
  • Crafting great backlinks for Google
  • Blogging for victory
  • Google analytics and search console (what you really need to know)
  • Monthly maintenance plan

The Business Beautician

BIG Website Profit Machine Blueprint

Plan your customer journey & build a navigation that is easy to use

Find the best keywords for each page, post and product that will bring in the right traffic

Learn exactly where to put your keywords to get Google to rank your page

Build an SEO friendly wordpress website without the tech headache

Design powerful page layouts to guide your customers through your site

Plan and design Calls to Action on every page to convert and sell

Add the content your customers are searching for in Google with powerful design tools in Divi

Release the power of SEO focused blogging

Make sales on your site while you do what you love. Add a shop, services or courses.

Add the right plugins that won’t slow you down

Create a website that will connect with your ideal customer and convert

At the end of this course you will have …

A website that not only looks great, but actually:

1. Gets loads of the right sort of ‘will actually buy from you’ traffic

2. Attracts your dream clients and customers

3. Makes it easy for them to buy from you

Which means…


A clear customer journey with irresistible calls to action will boost those sales


A great website does the hard work for you so you can get on with doing what you love.


No guesswork, I’ll be with you every step of the way.


You’ll be in complete control of your site as the powerful marketing tool it should be.


No more website shame. Your online brand will soar!

“‪You’ll smash it. One of the best things I’ve invested in!

Phew! done the bulk of my site ….(still a few pages to add, but the hard ones are done). I could NEVER have done it without your videos. thank you. Loving watching your vids & designing this, I never thought in a gazillion years I’d be able to do this.

I was such a wimp with tech before I started, & I’m in love with my site now.

Sarah Butler

Biz Girl Sassy

“When I signed up for the Online Gorgeous website course, I was terrified!

In my late 50’s and very technically challenged, I really doubted my abilities, but Katherine has taken me by the hand step by step, never making me feel stupid and always encouraging me and answering all my questions along the way.

Her video trainings are clear and her bubbly character shines through. I like that the trainings are always accessible so I can work in my own time.

I am still in the middle of creating my website but am loving the whole process and gaining confidence by the day. Thank you Katherine!” xxx

Elaine Tapson Rich

Hot Shots Photobooks

“The program has given me everything I needed to get my website up + running.

Katherine’s videos are informative, fun & easy to follow, she covers all you need to know to get build a great website. I wanted to be in control of my own website, I got this and so much more. I have so much more confidence in myself now when it comes to the techy side of things.

I’ve learned loads and I have a website that I’m proud of”.

Caitriona Hicks

Danu Essenses

What’s included?


Weeks support

Group Q&A Calls

  • 9 module The Big Website Profit Machine course to help you learn how to plan, build and use your website
  • 12 weeks support so you can take your time exploring the modules
  • Access to a member’s only Facebook Study Group
  • 6 supportive LIVE Q&A calls
  • 11 downloadables, workbooks, templates and cheatsheets
  • Ongoing updates and access

“This isn’t a love you and leave you to get on with it course, I’ll be in the group to support you every step of the way”

Meet the Business Beautician

(In case we haven’t met yet)

Hi, I’m Katherine Reynolds

I’m from England, living in the North, raised in the South (so no yummy Yorkshire accent I’m afraid)

I have two very different tween and teen kids, one who loves art and creating, and the other who loves building and maths. As a half and half techie geek and arty farty sort, it’s as if they each got exactly one half of my personality.

My worky (‘professional’) background is marketing for small businesses where I had to excel at branding design, tech, copywriting, advertising, websites, events, spreadsheets, long meetings (urgh), jargon (never excelled at that one), being serious (REALLY not me) and anything else that came up. After realising that all those skills would make me a kick-arse business owner who could focus on the things I truly love to do, I launched The Business Beautician into the world in 2013.

Eight years later, I’ve built over 50 websites of all different shapes and sizes, helped countless lovely clients to brand up and get noticed, taught hundreds of business owners how to use the tech to create successful online businesses and learnt more valuable lessons than I can tell you!

Which is why I created a course that would teach you, not only how to build a website but how to make it a central part of your business.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learnt over the years working in the crazy world of online business and streamlined it into the Business Beautician Website Blueprint. 9 easy to follow, step by step modules that will take you from ‘I’ve got no idea what I’m doing’ to ‘I’m bossing it’! 

This course is all about making it easy (I don’t believe in complicated). I go slowly, start from the beginning, cover all the basics and give you all the tools and templates you need to create your own website profit machine. I don’t believe in just telling you what you need to do, I tell you exactly how to do it, step by step. Simple.

It’s amazing what you can achieve when all the techie stuff starts to make sense and you can start to use those tools in your business.

I can’t wait to see the transformation you will see in your business!

Build a website with the business beautician

I wanted a site like ‘The Business Beautician’ but I couldn’t afford to pay Katherine to build it! So I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered that she offered a DIY program where she showed you exactly how to build your own DIVI fabulous site just like hers.

What I loved about this:
1/ The installment payment option made this affordable.
2/ The video tutorials are so easy learn from.
3/ You work through it with Katherine one step at a time making the whole process smooth and user friendly.

There is also plenty of online support! If and when you do get stuck, if you really can’t move forward as I couldn’t do on a number of occasions, Katherine is only too willing to jump online for you and take a look and make the fixes where need be.

I am very grateful. I have learned so much! And, I have complete control of my site and can edit, amend, update, and change any time I want to. I wouldn’t have such autonomy and creative freedom if someone else had built it for me.

Michele Scott

Numerologist, Michele Scott Numerologist

Join the BIG Website Profit Machine

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Is this course right for you?

All the FAQ

I’ve already got a website, is this course right for me?

This course is perfect for you if that old website isn’t working for your business.

It might be that it was built for you by a developer and you’ve no idea how to use it yourself. It might not be doing a good job at bringing in those leads and sales. It might be that you are so embarrassed with your current site that you try to hide the fact you have one. It might be that your business has evolved and your old website no longer does you any favours.

This course will make sure you understand exactly how to operate a well designed, sales boosting website.

I’m a complete technophobe, will I be able to do this?

No worries, I have worked with a lot of tech shy business owners and they come out feeling like masters of WordPress by the end.

I will take you through each stage of building your website, step by easy step from the very beginning. Watch, pause and do what I’m showing you on screen. Because you will be building your own site, you will understand exactly how it works, how to change and add things and how you can get the best out of your site.

And if you do get stuck I will don my super cape and swoop in to unstick you. Nobody is left behind 🙂

Why should I DIY, when I could get a cheap £500 website knocked up for me?

Learning how to do it yourself means you’ll understand your website and how it works for your business inside out.

Much of the work I do with my clients’ websites is in the planning. How will the website work in their business, what results do they need to see, what are their objectives? I’ve distilled that process into this course so we take a deep dive into how your website will be an active part of your marketing – attracting the right visitors, guiding them to buy, sign up or contact you. You’ll understand what content you need to create, what people are actively searching for online and how they can find you, build those relationships with your brand and buy.

A basic, sort-of-pretty site will only get you so far. We want to take your business to a whole new level!

Will it look like a ‘proper’ professional website?

Of course. We’ll make sure that all the common pitfalls of embarrassing websites are avoided.

Bad images, confusing layouts, menus packed full of EVERYTHING, no calls to action, broken links and pointless pages, old-fashioned or completely disjointed looking themes. We’ve all seen them (or own them).

My step by step website building process makes sure we avoid every one of these website monstrosities. We use a modern, flexible and very easy to make something look brilliant website builder theme, Divi and as a graphic designer I’ll give you a bunch of easy tips to make it all tie together beautifully.

I’m about as creative as a knat, will I really be able to design a website

Yes! We will be building our layout and content first so you’ll know exactly what goes where. No blank screen syndrome here!

Good website design is all about creating easy to navigate layout and fantastic content that will capture the attention of your audience. I’ll take you through the steps to create impactful layout and page design even before we get to adding the ‘pretty’ stuff. You then get a whole module of videos to help you to brand up your content, step by easy step.

Will there be any extra costs?

I use the Divi Builder on the videos which costs $89 

You will also need to invest in a good hosting package. I recommend Siteground (but will take you through the options in week 2 so if you don’t have this organised, don’t worry)

If you don’t already have one you will need a domain name, which generally cost about £10 a year (again, I cover this in week 2)

I’m a complete beginner. I’ve never had a website and don’t know if I really need one.

It is perfectly possible to run an online business out of social media or rely on your high street shop to do all your marketing. But your customers WILL look for you on Google. They will expect a business to have a website, even if you don’t sell online. If you are thinking of growing your business a good website is a must.

We’ll be talking about the objectives of your new site in the first module, but a good website will:

  • Build the know, like and trust factor of your brand
  • Get you good quality leads
  • Make you sales
  • Move your shop sales online
  • Improve your sales flow
  • Build relationships with your customers
  • Increase returning customer sales
  • and much much more!

What if I don’t get it done in time?

Although there are 9 modules, I understand that there is a lot of content to get through. I will be there in the group, supporting you for 12 whole weeks. Answering questions, making sure you aren’t stuck and are getting THE BEST value for this course.

I want you to finish this course with a kick arse, profitable website machine that will supercharge your business and the tools to maintain and nurture it as your business booms.

Wait, I have a question!

4 + 6 =

Join the BIG Website Profit Machine

Doors close 1st July and places are limited!

AND …The first 5 people to join up get a personal website review by me, that can be taken before or after the transformation!