The creativity trap – how not to launch your business

launch your business, don't get caught in the creative trap

launch your business, don't get caught in the creative trap

A good story has a beginning, a middle and an ending

This is harder than you may think.

My eight year old daughter loves to write. She uses her best pens and makes sure her writing is as small and neat as possible. All illustrated with her wonderful drawings of course.

Last week I bought her an A4 hardback notebook (like Mummy’s) and she has already filled eight pages full. No spaces. She loves it.

So I asked her if she would like to write a story for that 500 words competition for Radio 2. She shook her head emphatically, ‘no, you HAVE to do 500 words, that’s hardly any words at all and I want to write lots and lots’. Looking at her full notebook she had a point. She was enjoying the process of creating SO much she didn’t want it to end. She imagined a book full of her beautiful work to show off how much and how beautifully she can write (perfect for showing off to teacher and definitely worth a merit mark).

For her, the story didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if it didn’t end because she was enjoying the process of writing so much. Which is fantastic when you are eight and exploring your own creativity, but not so good when you are creating something for a specific purpose.

It is SO easy to get lost in the detail. Making something beautiful or perfect can be really addictive but can often scupper our chances of getting things finished, launched and sold.

Websites are the worst (or the best) for this.

There is SO much to think about and plan when you are creating a new brand and building your website. The pressure is really on to create something that will get noticed, sell your products, and be future proof and that is truly scary.

The temptation is to just keep creating, trying to get it absolutely perfect before you launch your business into the wild. What if it is a flop, what if nobody is interested in my lovely new business, what if nobody visits my gorgeous website, what if I don’t sell anything at all? I’ve seen it with so many new online businesses, they get stuck in the exciting stage of developing that new logo, fiddling with colour schemes or shuffling website content around before launching anything. They keep busy with creating pretty stuff even as business targets start to slip and that product never gets launched.

Don’t get stuck in the creative stage (great as it is), make sure every single stage of your business story has a (hopefully happy) ending.

Keep it simple and use my 4 tips to avoiding the creative trap to launch your business.

  1. Before you start launching into creating that website or that new brand, write down the first thing your business needs to achieve. Make it specific, such as building a list of 1000 super customers, launching your first 4 week programme or selling X no of widgets.
  2. Pin it to your wall and keep returning to that one goal – everything else you do now is just to get you there
  3. Forget perfect. It doesn’t exist. You just need your creative efforts to achieve that one goal pinned to your wall.
  4. Once you’ve achieved that first goal, you can start to work towards the next goal. Yes, you may have to start changing your website, tweak your branding, realign your marketing to appeal to a changing customer base, but this is part of a modern online business. Be flexible, embrace change and your business will be able to grow.

Have you got stuck in the fiddling stage of your business? It can be really hard to recognise that you are doing it and scary to get out of, to get out there and launch your new business to the world. GO FOR IT!



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