Since Facebook has relaxed the rules about text in Facebook headers we can now use that powerful space at the top of our business page to point our tribe to interact with us. I’ve updated my Facebook design tutorial which now takes you through creating a facebook header with text, adding tabbed applications and strengthening your brand on Facebook.

But even though you are not limited on header design there are a few things you shouldn’t do!

  1. Don’t pack your header with information. Choose one important message and stick to it. Visitors to your page will only glance at the picture and so you want your text to be big and bold to get the message across instantaneously.
  2. Don’t rely on text. A picture does say a thousand words and can do it at a glance.
  3. Don’t be too pushy. Facebook is a social network, it’s a place to chat and develop relationships. A huge sales message will put people off and discourage engagement.

And remember, you can change your header design as many times as you like. If you have a number of different messages or you want to promote another product or part of your business, update your header and make an impact.