Turning up the volume in your business¬†…doesn’t mean shouting, using CAPS, or surrounding everything with neon flashing lights.

Turn up the volume in your business branding

It’s creating harmony and focusing your efforts that gets you heard.

Reducing clutter both visually and in your copy will focus your crowd’s attention and make your message sing out crystal clear. If your message is surrounded by a thousand other messages then it is lost in the noise.

Visually, this can be a confusion of different fonts or colours, a mix of different sized titles on a page or even a bulky lot of text that your peeps just won’t ever plough through.

Take one your main web pages and consider – what is the ONE message you want it to shout. Then turn the volume up … make sure EVERY element of that page compliments that one message.

Reduce your word count so you capture the essence as plainly as possible.

Make sure you limit your font styles to max 3 (incl italic and bold styles) One that shows your brand character and the other that’s just very easy to read.

Give it room to breathe. Leave lots of space around your message

Need an image, a graphic or a background? Add one that adds to your message, sets the scene or amplifies the feeling you want to communicate in your message.

Add a call to action. What do they need to do now?

Just like a choir coming together into a beautiful harmony, getting every part of your web page focused on the same thing will turn up the volume on your message.

Have fun Kat xx

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