5 powerful visual content tricks to boost your coaching biz

5 powerful visual content tricks to boost your coaching biz

5 powerful visual content tricks to boost your coaching biz

It’s a noisy world out there.

Everybody is trying to produce content, get noticed and drive sales. Facebook is getting busier, Pinterest is chock full of stunning, fascinating and well-groomed pics, Instagram is getting clever with carefully designed images straight from your smart phone and even YouTube may start to struggle as other social media channels take on the challenge of hosted video this year.

Gone are the days that we could post up a simple text post and expect people to interact and share. In today’s online world everything is visual and instant. Your customers will make that split second decision based on how something looks without clicking through to read through content. You’ve got to grab their attention on the hop.

We notice, react and act on visuals far more than text – check out this infographic from the Optimal Targeting Blog

Infographic visual content from the OT Blog


As coaches, trainers and relationship builders we can really benefit from the strange and wonderful power of visual content – colours, fonts, pictures and graphics. We can pull people in that wouldn’t normally give us a second glance. We can show exactly what our gorgeous coaching brand is all about in one swift glance.

Here are 10 ways that you should be using visual content in your coaching biz to attract attention and boost your sales.

1. Keep up to date

Today’s internet is constantly updated. Information that is over a day old is considered old news. Scary, but you can use it to your advantage.

Keep yourself relevant to what is happening around you. Share visual content from recent events, hop on that image bandwagon (how many Disney’s Frozen videos did we see and sit through?) and make your audience look at recent content with fresh eyes.

2. Is it authentic?

Throw out those stock photos of ‘business woman smiling in the office’ or ‘pretty girl flirting with the camera’ and, in fact, even the nicely placed objects on the desk shots are getting used here there and everywhere. We’ve all seen them and they can damage your coaching brand.

People respond much better to authentic pictures of real people. You could start taking photos of the way you work, where you work, what influences you and what your life looks like.

Images of and from your clients are even more powerful. Accompany those great testimonials with a good honest picture of your client or get them to share photos of their own experiences after working with you. This is how conversations start and how trust is built.

3. No plonking

Don’t plonk an image in, just because you think it needs some beautifying. Often, the image is more of an attention point than the text at first glance so it needs to do its job.

Choose relevant and engaging images that accompany text or even stand alone. A great example of this is the memes you see posted all over social media. The picture is just as important as the words and the more poignant your image, the more people are likely to share it.

4. Show the benefits

Don’t tell it, show it.

If you are a life coach, show the results of working with you – feet up, relaxing reading, enjoying playing with the kids. If you teach crafts, show the finished article or the process and fun in making – show people having fun creating. If you are a health coach, show the physical results – running, stretching, laughing and enjoying life. If you are a business coach, show the wonderful results of a well run business – a life of freedom and enjoyment.

These images don’t have to be professionally taken. Keep them authentic and you will show prospective clients the benefits that could be theirs.Great quality images

5.  Use an app

Try out some of the many smart phone apps out there. Since the rise of the likes of Instagram and ? it is now possible to snap away, edit and add all sorts of different effects to our images. Have a play! Also, have a look at my blog – 5 top photos you can take with your mobile phone

Check out phone apps like Snapseed or VSCO Cam

Once taken you can then edit in Picmonkey or Canva for free! No excuses.



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