The Full Do!

I’ll create a you-packed website
you’ll want the whole world to see.

Your Business Beautician website isn’t just a website. It’s your chance to step up and give the world a glorious, full-color handshake (the big confident kind, with no sweaty palms).

I deliver the visual language—including the top-to-bottom site design and build—that makes it possible.

Each site is an entirely original, custom creation, complete with my hand-drawn illustrations and paintings, logo design and brand-zing-making color sensibility. The result is a vibrant, inventive website that puts a big spring in your online step and has your ideal clients swooning.

But remember: Your website has a job to do.

This is where the Business Beautician is so different from other website creators. I will not only create a stunning site for you, but I’ll ensure it’s the powerful sales and loyalty engine it was meant to be. Here’s how I’ll help:

List building machine

As we design your site, we’ll ensure it’s easy (and irresistible) for customers to join your official fan base, aka your email list. That means big sign up buttons, clever (never annoying) pop ups and calls to action in all the right places.

Putting the easy in Ecommerce

Add on payment buttons or a full-blown ecommerce area. By thinking carefully about how customers will navigate your site, we’ll get them straight to the “buy now” or “yes, please!” button.

Membership still has its privileges

Add an easy-peasy membership area to run courses and create a members club through your website. Or create VIP content your visitors will be dying to see.

Directory assistance

Make money from directory listings. I’ll show you how. They’re easy, automated and totally yours.

Super blog

As top traffic magnets, we’ll supercharge your blog with easy share buttons, sign up forms, additional suggested blogs. We’ll even get your blog to post to social media automatically. Because blogs are fun—and can keep them clicking.

Then it’s all yours.

With our website creation (or beautification) process complete, I’ll show you how to maintain your site on your own with breezy, “that’s all there is to it?” ease.

You could have a beautiful website like this for your very own… take a peep at my work

in the process, fun

The creative sparks will fly between us as we dive right into the heart of your business. We’ll talk about who your ideal customer really is and how we build a grand (and perhaps sparkly) bridge from your expertise to her needs, wishes and dreams.

With an eye to every detail, we’ll produce your spot-on, stunning online business—and have a lot of goosebumpy, Technicolor light bulb moments along the way. That’s a sure sign we’re on to something.

How much is the investment?

Every online brand I design is unique. Some are complicated with whizzy functions and things that go ping, some are simple to construct but need some tender loving design to get the brand looking the bees knees.

I quote for each project as it’s own individual self so you know you are getting the gorgeous brand and super powered website your business needs. Yippee!

But to give you an idea of where your website design might sit, take a peek at my pricing range >>>

Website design prices

Are you ready for the full do?

Get in touch with me using the contact form below and let’s see if we are a good fit. I can’t wait to hear about your online plans!