What’s a bounce rate?

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What’s a bounce rate?

Hint – it’s a website thing and not how many bounces you can do on a space hopper (remember those?) so what’s a bounce rate? 

Your website bounce rate shows what visitors to your website are doing. If they generally view one page and then bounce off to a different site then your bounce rate will be high. If they generally move onto another page on your website then your bounce rate will be lower.

And a high bounce rate is??

Over 70% is high
50 – 70% is normal
under 50% is low

So… is it bad to have a high bounce rate?

Not necessarily. 

If you have a one-page website then you’d have a very high bounce rate as the bounce rate only shows how many pages they have visited in that session. If you run a magazine type website and want people to spend a long time exploring everything you have to offer then you need a lower bounce rate.

You can also look at each page separately. If some pages have a really high bounce rate you could look to linking in more relevant content to get people to stay on your website.

How do you know what your bounce rate is?

Sign up to google analytics and you can either view your figures online or on your website dashboard using a plugin.

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